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Match Questions/ Gameplay Comments

Few questions/comments.

Can someone link an official list of counterparts? Like, if you choose one you can’t choose the other— I think it may be part of my next issue, and it’s helpful in general so I can choose fairly.

When swiping, I’ll come across characters that I’m sure I haven’t matched with their corresponding counterparts, but still don’t get to match? For example, I’ve tried twice now with the guy with black n white hair and a dog ( can’t remember his name) and didn’t get him.

I have also been getting pretty fed up with whatever system is used to bring up profiles. For example, I’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. For Austin Russo. I’ve even watched multiple ads , only to get characters that are unavailable yet or are counterparts to my other matches. I have not ONCE seen him. And when I do come across one that should be available, it’s the same issue where I still don’t match.

Why make the majority of characters to swipe on ones that are literally not available, whether they’re not released or you already matched their counterpart? The time frame to wait for a new match is ridiculous and inconsistent. I’ve waited several hours so I could go through more than one only to find I only had one. Even a whole night, and one to swipe. And to top it off, I’ll watch an add to get one, only to have it be VIP OR UNAVAILABLE?? I spent the 300 diamonds for 10, and all were U N A V A I L A B L E? I have gotten unavailable characters multiple times, and still haven’t seen all available characters.
Then what’s the point? It’s not fun. It doesn’t keep me anticipating for the next match. It doesn’t make me want to buy diamonds, especially not with how overpriced they are (in the sense that it takes 2$ to get enough for JUST a text response if you have none). It doesn’t make me want to watch ads, that support you. It doesn’t make me want the VIP. When you set it up like that, it’s not worth spending money on it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. It makes a lot more sense that you see available matches more often than other options if not only available matches, and that only available characters come up when you watch ads or spend diamonds for more profiles.

I hope to god the profiles part is a just bug. At the very least, if it’s not, that this gets changed. I have only had this game for just over a week, and while I want to enjoy it, and get to know more characters, the devs have made it pretty hard to.
I understand that money is an important factor— but there’s are better ways to profit with not only money but a larger and more active and dedicated community. I’m sure that the community would rather have more ads so less of the game focuses on relying on needing to pay-to-play and making the game more enjoyable. Multiple apps I have that have in-app purchases use TapJoy as a way for players to earn things to unlock what would otherwise cost money. I think that a system like that would also make your community happier and more loyal to the game and, in turn, be much more profitable towards you as devs.

Thanks for ya time.


Also wanted to add:

Can you unmatch with characters so you can match a counterpart?
If not, I feel like that should be implemented. Otherwise, what’s the point in having the option ?


No. Once you start chatting with one match, you can’t match with the counterpart

Hey there, shlurp_shlup. The suggestion for matching with a character’s counterpart has definitely been shared with our team. While I can’t make any promises on whether it will be implemented in the game, I can assure you that our team is aware of the feedback.

There isn’t an official list of the counterparts right now, but this thread here has some really helpful information: