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Match time out or opponent wins in middle of battle

Anyone else still seeing this phenomenon?

Happened to me twice today. Emailed support about it last week, no response.


Happened to me 3x I lost the battle wiv only 2 of my dinos down

If I time out because the game can’t find an opponent, I make sure to kill and reload the game, especially on my main account being so close to the line between getting 3 and 4 boosts from the daily incubator. I’m trying or maybe I should say hoping RNG is in my favor in order to stay above the 4000 mark in Lockwood Estates. I don’t want a time out happening right in the middle of battle causing a loss.

I’m not surprised these programmers haven’t fixed this yet.

That’s the thing I haven’t had a time out like that, always get a battle. But now timeouts in the middle are cropping up even though I hadn’t had one outside the battle and one just happened after a fresh restart, so that’s not guaranteed anymore it seems.

Good luck.

I just face the problem yesterday.

I finished a strike tower and was getting to the result screen while my phone try to connect to the mall wifi.
I have to wait sometime for the game to reconnect and I get the reward from the strike tower.
Then I was searching for a match in arena. After a few second, the game take me to the result screen saying I won where it is clearly the result of the previous strike tower.
I knew for sure that I’m screwed so I close and re-open the game to continue the match.
Sadly it’s too late. I lost two dino already.

I restart the app after every single battle.
Overkill probably, but I haven’t had the issue anymore.

Here too and the little bit of time between helps not face the same opponent twice in a row.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re all still having this issue. If you haven’t already, could you contact our support team here at with your support key, and device information, so our team can investigate further?

In the meantime, there are some troubleshooting steps here that could help: Lost a battle I was winning

Will support+forums respond to me over support+alive? Because I have an open ticket on this issue with support+alive from the week of the 11th I believe.

And thanks for the other troubleshooting, but having to do those types of things on a regular basis does not fix the underlying issue. I can’t reboot/Toggle connections every single time I’m about to go into a battle. It takes enough time to do the battles as it is. I try to keep my device clean and on a stable connection, but perhaps you should talk to your team about making arena a little more forgiving to unstable connections.

Hey Studogvetmed, could you send me a private message on the forum of your support key, and the email address you used to contact our team? I can try and take a look for you. Thanks!