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Match Timeouts


Okay Ludia, I can tell from having scrolled through forums here you don’t respond to help tickets right away…or at all. So here goes:

I normally have really good wifi connection on my phone. But for some reason, ever since I got to S.S. Arcadia, I’ve been suffering from “Match Timeouts”, which aren’t really timeouts. Now I was lucky to turn two of them around (and even luckier to make it just in time to a match), but one I lost horribly because the AI sent out my raptor first, which I NEVER do.

The problem is, these timeouts do NOTHING and the battle just carries on in the background, even when you close the app, and reopen in time to see your team getting hammered. If these were legit timeouts, the match would not keep going like nothing ever happened.

For all our sakes, and our dinos, FIX THIS.

Bugged battle system

THIS! This has been happening to me ever since yesterday with the update, or ever since the day before when I arrived to arena 7. Not sure which one because they were close. But it’s so hard to get trophies on arena 7, and these ‘fake timeouts’ that easily end up in defeat are making it really difficult for me. Please fix it!


Ugh, it’s awful. I was doing some battles this morning and that was my first timeout loss. I think the first one Tino did great on his own, but that’s not the point. And now I’m losing to an increase in U-Raptors…things got fun XD


Ooooops, utahraptor overpopulation. Might be time to switch my Utah for blue this Sunday, it hurts my heart to let her go but blue will be a good Utah counter.

Good thing about utahraptor increase: spinotahraptor increase. That hybrid is so weak and useless! Yet people think it’s better because it’s a hybrid, and I love that because my Dino team love a good easy spinotahraptor meal <3


Really, the Spinotahraptor’s weak? Aw man! Why my Spinos gotta be weak, Ludia? You’re killing me.


Spinotahraptor is very good, need it!


Yup I advice you to never waste utah dna in spinotah, Utahraptor is soooo much better. I’ve had several opponents that bring out a spinotahraptor when they see my Utah. I guess they think ‘it’s the hybrid, it has to be able to kill it’ and they fall down before utahraptor’s might <3


Experienced the match time out or never ending loading screen as well - happens more frequently after an update … most matches will hang and need to reload the game. Last time it happened costs me a few matches (because by then I was still new to the game). This recent Indoraptor “update” also causing many matches to hang it have timeouts and I am more prepared - quickly close and reload and get back into the match.


Yeah, I’ve had the seemingly endless startup screen (though if I just wait it out, it will load). Still though, it sucks big time.


Hey Angela_Flynn, thank you for reporting this to us. Our support staff has been receiving a much larger volume of ticket than anticipated. We are working as quickly as possible to help everyone with their issue.

I’m so sorry about the timeout issue you are having with the battle Arena. I can understand how annoying that can be during gameplay. When a player disconnects from battle, the AI takes over using basic strikes so no cooldowns from other skills will be activated. If a creature is defeated, the AI will also select the next available creature, starting furthest to the left.

You can find out more about how the AI works in Battle here:

Additionally, if you are having trouble with connectivity of the game, you can look here at our FAQ:

If you would like to contact our support team here at and provide your Support Key, they could take a better look at your account and give you more information and troubleshooting regarding this.


Since yesterday I’ve had a glitch happen 3 times where I’ll enter a battle and it’ll kick me back out saying “battle timed out” or something too that effect. I’ll go back into a battle and it’ll load up the environment for the battleground but won’t have dinosaurs or a menu or anything other than the environment and it just sits there, if i reload the game it’ll bring me back in but my dinosaurs will be in a battle half way dead as someone’s been killing my AFK dinos due to the glitch. This keeps causing losses because it’s putting out whatever it chooses and doing what it chooses till i regain control and it usually picks the worst moves/dinosaur for the situation. It didn’t seem to do this until i unlocked “S.S. Arcadia” i don’t know if there has been any updates in the past 2 days or not but that’s when it started.


At first the screen freezes.

Then re-launch and got this. So clever.


Omg that’s awful! Haven’t gotten that yet.


I got that last night. Trying to get my incubs filled up again, and this was the battle that really made me shut off the app. Same Bot, too.


Now that I have the update that’s the only thing that happens when I try to battle.


Same - not working since update! No trouble for 2 months before :pensive:



Free win @syzl


Waited 2 minutes and then more cause it still keep saying 0 minutes and 0 seconds. I never disconnected from the game, it would have told me that I did… this has to be a bug from the update