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Match was a draw, but I won (No bleed)

My dino: Titanaboa
My opponent: Alberto/Woolly Rhino

My opponent swapped out Alberto, and that resulted in a KO after Titanaboa’s On Escape Rampage kicked in. The game continued anyway, and they swapped to Woolly Rhino, who then KO’d my Titanaboa with the swap in attack. The game then counted this as a draw.

I know bleed can cause a draw, but why this too? The tooltip states first to knock out 3 dinos wins. I was the first one to do that, with an actual attack.


Technically this is all happening in the same turn, and I’m pretty sure that the wins are dependent on whether or not you kill them and that you don’t die in the process.

Your boa ended up dying in the same turn, which caused the draw.

Additionally, O-E Rampage isn’t an action (something that takes up your turn, it’s a passive ability) like the Bleed, so that might have had something to do with that.


I think you’re probably right. I just wish they’d remove that “first to knock out 3 dinos” tip, because there are clearly multiple ways in which that’s just not true.

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Yeah, it’s been this way since on escape moves were first introduced. I don’t like it either as people will use it as a last ditch effort in tourneys and such, but is the way it works ATM.

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