Matched with 2 apexes in a row

My teamScreenshot_20210113_144025
And my recent opponent
First I face mortem, then hadros, and then diorajasaur…
I was lucky that he was offline but I still lost

He was disconnected thats why I was able to kill mortem and hadros

This kind of match-up should simply never happen.


Lollllll nice job @SilentBlackSnow lmaooooooo make these guys shiver with FEAR!!!

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Since matchmaking is based on trophies (yeah right lol) and people are finally starting to unlock mortem and lux, were going to see these more and more.

I’ll use myself as an example. I unlocked mortem and lux and I’ve been using them in arena. I can only imagine my opponents face when I bring out the apex guns. Some just leave the battle and I have to wait for the timer to run out. :nerd_face:

with you team, i think you’re lucky you faced the mortem and not the other stuff like tenrex and mammolania which cleanse ont their move. lux was a bad match-up too. must have been a dropper

Oh nice, that’s one of my teammates!

Also all you cool cats and kittens, Cosmic Raptors is currently recruiting! We’re R10/R10 on missions and actively help all members with apex raids, hence why my friend here already has both on his team! :partying_face: We’re a fun group of people from all over and enjoy having a good time.


I came across the same guy. He wrecked me too. Cosmic Raptors are no joke! I think they are top 50 in the alliance championship.

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What is a joke is the match making. Fought a Mortem and Lux. He was a dropper. Had level 6s and 10s, and a 28 erlindom.