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Matched with Mamoru Ito and he went grey already

:sob:All of my matches are greyed out, my most recent match was Mamoru Ito and he went grey already. Now I have NO matches to talk to, please bring back at least some of them soon - PLEASE!!!

Hi just wondering why this new match chef has grey when we level up and he says we where to meet tomorrow but I even paide for with gems just wondering why he’s gone already with no date if this happens other will be upset too I’m hoping that you bring back some one tomorrow or naw we have no one to talk with or is the chef coming back as he did say he see me tomorrow but can’t if he’s gone so just wondering what will happen :thinking::pensive:

Days don’t last 24 hours in ludialand.


For real, haha. When he was like, “I’ll see you tomorrow” I was like, “and this is where you go grey” :sweat_smile::roll_eyes::unamused:

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I just lost Ana Samaraine, William Crome, Rory O’Brian, Captain Muffin, and the Didier Laurent. Ana was my favorite. AND! When I lose people, I don’t get matched with different people. So this game is starting to get depressing.