Matches Being offline left and right

I’ve been playing lovelink for awhile and invested quite a bit of money into buying gems. I’ve formed deep relationships with several characters and have loved the plots the developers made. However, when I first reached an “offline” status with River, i thought “this isn’t a bad thing right? They’ll be right back” but looking at others discussions characters have been offline for a year or more! (That’s about 5 now offline: Salvatore, Oliver, Theo, River, Didier and I’ve heard Albert and Austin are next)

I totally get developers have lives and need to create character development - i too make fan games - but what I don’t get is, why would my “offline” matches “unmatch” me? If THEY are not available because GAME WISE. Shouldn’t there be a mechanic that lets the character sit there withour unmatching cause then you have to hope and pray you come across them again and Idk if Theo will be therr since they were valentines day event, i think?

Im still getting a handle of the thread but is there an updated lists? Or can we get confirmation that not only my choices but the gems bought weren’t just for nothing?


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The offline ones won’t unmatch. It’s a glitch