I know it’s the holiday season and things are pretty busy for most of us at this time of year, but PLEASE bring back one or two of my Lovelink matches soon… I’m soo bored I’m being forced to converse with the people who share my home… (I think they’re called family ) they seem like an ok bunch of people for the most part but their conversations aren’t anywhere near as interesting as some of my lovelink matches!:sleeping:


Does my happy dance whilst singing my happy song…
Damien’s back!!.
Woohoo best day ever!! :grin::heart_eyes:

Well it was … but now its not!!:poop::sob:

That was kinda short but sweet and yes :scream::pleading_face::sob: were the faces I made at my phone when he went back offline.

Idk where everyone else is with Damiens story so (hopefully) I’m not giving too much away with my question…
but I’m curious to know amongst those who are up-to-date with it… With what he and MC are trying to figure out did anyone else roll their eyes and yell at their device TRY YOUR MOMS!!

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At first I thought you meant the poem, because I was like “girl, it is not that hard to figure out :unamused::joy:”, but now I know (hopefully :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:) what you actually meant and, YES!!

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Oopsie… ok maaaybe I should have slipped in the word digits somewhere to minimize the confusion… goes to show being cryptic isn’t my super power😂

I was thinking the same thing!!!


:weary::scream: hopefully that didn’t come off as me scolding you!! My quote was totally me talking to my phone/character when she was saying she couldn’t figure out what it said :flushed::confounded::sweat_smile:

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Well I may have made these faces :scream::pleading_face::sob:… but it’s all good :grin:

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