Matching algorithm/mechanics?

Has anyone figured out what exactly determines who you match with yet?
And does changing your zodiac affect current matches (ie will they unmatch you?)

I reeeeaaaally want to match with Cpt. Muffin and i’ve liked the profile several times now but no luck :pensive:
I’m also really interested in the elderly man who’s profile says something like “heart me and i’ll heart you too” but again i’ve liked the profile every time it comes up but we never match sadly…

Anyway let me know if you guys know anything !

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I attempted changing my zodiac, my name (and therefore, I supposed, my gender), and my profile ‘picture’, but none of it made any difference to who I matched with. I think that everyone is supposed to technically be bisexual, so you can match with anyone. As for matching with Cpt. Muffin and the old guy, I think they just haven’t written enough of a story for them yet. I’m sure that they have things planned for everyone you can match with, but of course we haven’t seen anything new in a while, which does make me worried that they’re not going to follow through on the project. I hope they release some information about their plans sometimes soon, especially since I’ve put quite a bit of money behind them by purchasing the gems.


I’ve also tried to figure it out but it boils down to who is available with story content and not being able to match with counterpart characters that stare the storylines of your current matches. The rest like zodiac and such is for your own preference.

I think basically you match with anyone who is available and whichever counterpart you swipe right on first. The horoscope doesn’t seem to affect anything. So if you swipe right on Stefan (Example), you’ll match him, unless you’ve already matched his counterpart, Oliver. Then you’d never get Stefan and vice versa.


Has anyone matched with Stefan Silver?

I find that you can’t even match with the ones you want to for some reason, also that Cat called Captain Muffin, does anyone understand what he’s saying? as I have no clue :blush:

Like the others have said, it seems random. Some characters match first attempt, while others take a couple of attempts, amd that seems random too.

I think, for me, there are a couple of characters left that I could still match with but they just don’t interest me amd I’m tyring of the grind of goimg through stories with characters you have no interest in, just to get 20 gems every three or four convos.

But mostly, the characters left are either counterparts or new characters with no story.

Captain Muffin most definitely does have a story and no counterpart so keep trying, you’ll get there in the end.

I’ve actually matched with him before. Definitely an interesting conversation we had. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If you matched with Oliver you won’t be able to match with Stefan as they’re counterpart characters and thus share the exact same storyline. You can only pick one of the counterparts for a shared story. If you didn’t match with Oliver then it may take a couple attempts to match with Stefan.

Cpt. Muffin types in gibberish, but as you progress you’ll be sent more comprehensive messages.

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