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Matching bug

So I’m super mad at the moment.

Been swiping left on Ingrid for weeks now, cause I really want to match with Franz. Today I open the app and without warning, the app tells me I matched with Ingrid cause they super liked me.

NO NO NO!!! Please help me fix this!!!

I’m this :point_right:t2::point_left:t2: close to installing this app.

There’s no way to fix it unless you reset your account sadly

This EXACT same thing happened to me with Nina and Antoine and they said they “Can’t” fix it. So I had to reset my account. Unfortunately you’re stuck with Ingrid unless you reset yours. Because they will tell you that once you’re in a conversation, you’re locked into it.

Hey there, Vera_L. I believe as long as you have not started the conversation yet, you should still be able to match with their counterpart.

Please don’t hesitate to email our team at with your support key as well, and our team can take a closer look at your account.

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Being super careful not to click Ingrid’s thumbnail so the conversation doesn’t start. Since technically we haven’t talked I’m hoping it resets the match. If it doesn’t I’m saying bye bye to this app. It’s bad enough I haven’t been able to match with Franz, now the game FORCES me to match with Ingrid. I’m pretty much done here.

I can definitely understand your frustration. If you need any confirmation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Well Ingrid is gone. Franz showed up but had no luck matching. Would love if the super like bug happened with Franz, feels like the only shot I’d have to match them.

This happened to me with the astronaught dude. I let the timer run out and then was able to match with the astronaut dudette. So, as long as you don’t interact with her you should be able to still match with Franz.

Ingrid is way hotter though :heart_eyes: imo.

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I really dont get the hype around Franz tbh :grin: Ive got him, and I dont even bother texting him back anymore, cause hes just so… Idk… Out there?? So quirky and loud, even over text :rofl: of course its only my opinion, dont mean to burst anyones bubble :raised_hands:t4::heart:
Also matches that I dont text back anymore: Wyatt, Emerson and Rory, the storyline just doesnt pick me up​:eyes::woman_shrugging::relaxed:

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Well I just want the chance to feel something for them. Even if I hate them I just want to be able to match since I’ve been prevented from matching since they came out.

Just out of interest, do you find the k-pop boy more to your taste?

Personally, I definitely find the punk way more interesting. But then I always was a rebel.

Do you mean me? :grin: Anyways, kpop guy is fine, not 100% invested, but kinda more than Franz​:face_with_monocle: And its not the punk thats annoying about him, its the… Quirkyness​:rofl: idk how to describe it, hes so childish?? Hes like this one crazy friend everyone has. :grin:
My all time favorite match is Skylar :heart: what is your favorite match?

Right now, my favourite is Vittoria. She’s super hot and has a really cool story, being a werewolf and trying to find a way to turn back, whilst also learning about the secret societies involved.

It’s like a supernatural whodunit.

Is Skylar the mafia guy? I liked his story.

Well I’m still unable to match Franz, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence everytime I swipe right on them I get the VIP store pop up. Sad move, Ludia.

Same here, I even left him on the top of my pile and sat here like an idiot watching the last few minutes of his timer tick down just to be denied when I swiped on him… then it gave me that, no more profiles, would I like to be informed when available jargon…
If this is a ploy to make me pay for VIP just to match with someone… then … epic fail ludia!!

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