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Matching woes

Constantly running into things like this…need a new method to match making. I know the FAQ says it’s based on relatively equal power and similar trophy levels, but seriously you think this match up is fair?? It seems every other match is like this. Really need to re-evaluate how the match making is done and make it truly based on hero levels and equipment power. I run into this daily and it’s NO FUN AT ALL.

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Holy cow! I’ve not see such a bad mis-match in PvP before. Wow, that’s really rough!

Again, I think there needs to be a much better algorithm to make a PvP match. Something that takes into account Character Level, Items, Item Levels, Trophies as well as the makeup of the team. There should be a matrix of team groupings that you can have randomly selected, so you will always get a group with balance/synergy, focusing on the tank/healer/damage idea. A fair match in which one team has a healer and the other doesn’t makes it an uneven match.

I get these kind of match ups in the lvl 7 arena more often than I’d like to admit. It seems like a reminder from the game that my lvl 10 & 11 characters are trash. If I’m lucky enough to be paired with an actual person and win, the bots come out to ensure whatever trophies I’ve earned are mitigated by multiple losses in a row. I get the incentive there. It’s about as subtle as a hammer to the face. Spend more. Buy more packs, get diamonds, grind challenges until your thumbs bleed. Seeing how characters operate with all legendary gear loses it’s cool factor when they’re repeatedly kicking my teeth in.

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Found this too:

The AI matchmaking algorithm takes into consideration your recent win/loss record and/or win streaks.

If you have gone on a long win streak, you’ll end up with these type of matches. The converse is also true.

Wow! You actually managed to kill one of the 5-levels-higher opponents, that’s quite a feat! …unfortunately.


I very much dislike the idea that they effectively send you, with a knife, into a [machine] gun fight. Things should be more like 60/40 for win/loss overall, less streaky. Steady, but perceptible progress, which therefore encourages you to continue to play more, and not be discouraged by 10-12 game loss streaks.

I suspect that the goal of adjusting the strength of AI opponents is exactly to prevent the situation you described. However, since the game preferentially matches you against human players in PvP if any are available in your arena rank, the AI matchmaking algorithm doesn’t factor in.

Once you hit past the bottleneck at 2,400 trophies, and you almost exclusively match vs AI, it works out as you said.