Matchmake Battles via Dino levels instead of trophies

I’d be awesome if matchmaking was based on your Dino levels instead of trophies.

I’d been stuck in Sorna for ages but finally unlocked Jurassic Ruins 2 weeks ago. I’ve been bouncing around the bottom of Ruins and top of Sorma ever since.

Problem is I’ve got little to no chance to win a lot of my matches. I think I’ve played well to get to this spot but I’m so out leveled most matches. image

This is my team but most of my opponents are all level 22-25, full legendaries and indoraptor.

It just seems it would help with the big swings a lot of ppl experience with matches being closer to your team level than the trophy level

What about folks like me? I have a higher-level team but suck at battling. I would never be able to win if pitted against a similar level/configuration team. Yeah, Yeah… Folks complain that they ‘feel’ we are dropping on purpose but it could just be that we are just not good at fighting.

With Trophy level I am pitted against opponents who either play well (or are lucky) with a lower level team or someone like me, who is just not very good.

It looks like you are a player who is skilled enough to make it to a higher trophy level with lower level Dino’s. So you will be pitted against higher level Dino’s.