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Matchmaker based on boosts not trophies

Dear ludia,
For a long time your matchmaking system gas been based in trophies. As such it it’s easy enough for anyone to throw down and plow through every opponent they face. Instead of matching players based onto their trophy count please match them with people based on the amount if stat boosts in their team. Because this is ridiculous

My highest speed dino is 140. Nowhere near this strong


It would be good to know if there is a way to do this.

The problem would be a lower level player who has boosted rare or epic dinos being matched with a high level player who has the same amount of boosts on their unique team.

You would also have the problem that is someone of disparity between someone with all their boosts on one or two creatures and someone who has spread them across there whole team; average boosts per creature?

If Ludia would want us to have fair matchmaking, they would… But they will never do that, because it’s the best way to entice us players, to spend more money into the game. Typical matchmaking (no matter on what you base it) should give you a ratio of 50-50. Basically, 50% of the time, your opponent will be slightly more (or less) powerful than you are. (By how much, this is up to Ludia to decide, 5%, 10%, 20%, etc). But to make us spend more money into the game, Ludia is using a bias matchmaking. Let say they use 60-40 (that ratio is up to them). So, 60% of the time, your opponent will be slightly more powerful, and 40% of the time, it will be less powerful than you are. This way, because you’re loosing more often than winning, you’re always tempted to improve your team, hence some players often spending more money…

So, no matter what system they would use, it would likely still not be fair, and entice us to spend money into the game.

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We already know that matching similar strenght teams breaks arena. We had it for a while and max lvl teams were in Estate and Aviary fighting each other.

As I said multiple times fair matchmaking is impossible, because of many reasons:

  • Top 3 arenas have around 6000 players. So matching similaer strenght teams would result in playing same opponents over and over or constantly fighting AI.

  • Timezones and tournaments affect matchmaking in arena. Players live in different parts of world and are active based on their local time. Tournaments are now important part of game and on weekend there are less players active in arena. Mostly only to get incubators.

  • Players boost creatures differently. Some play unboosted, some boost evently and some max boost creatures, but in different ways. Erli can have bruiser build to take down tanks or fast high damage build to counter speedsters. Max boosted Thor is not equal to max boosted Indo g2.

  • Players improve and lvl their team differently. Some has big difference between highest and lowest lvl creature in their team, some have all similar lvl creatures in team.

  • When you hit your peak (highest possible score with team you have), you get tough opponents to lose and fall back in range when your team belong (we all have these ups and downs).


The amount of trophies won should be determined by:
Your average team level + boosts (essentially just extra levels).
Your team’s power compared to the team you’re fighting.
Best players will end up at the top and it’ll be easier to do with higher level dino’s.

On the topic of someone adding all his boosts to one creature: It’s either wreck or get wrecked if you don’t draw the dino in question. With current rules it’s a valid strategy but I think we could solve it by adding this to the equation: If there is difference is more than 5-10 levels then set that person’s average dino’s level to the level of his highest dino.

Matchmaking should then be based on your current team’s power, finding the people with similar power with a random number generator for everyone in the 90-110% range.

This is if we want a fair competition. It does really punish ‘bad’ players because they’ll end up at 0 despite their team level. If we do want to give those players some sort of reward I think we’ll need to couple rewards to team level and end of season rewards to trophies. Or factor in trophies in matchmaking in some way but less so than in the current system where you can drop and win your way back up easily.

If anyone spots any mistakes in my reasoning let me know.

Good luck finding opponents from Library up. Most players will 60% of time, especially on weekends, battle AI.

As I said teams are build so different (lvls and boosts) that many times is nearly impossible to find fair match when you take into account tournament and timezones.

EDIT: This still won’t solve problem of crutch creatures. It will still be unfair battle for one side.

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honestly, fixing the trophies won or lossed from PvP battles should help some. It’s broken in the same way the tournament’s was broken. not saying that they have to do the same thing, but you shouldn’t loose 40 trophies to someone that 3-0’d you. likewise you shouldn’t gain 40 for 3-0ing someone else. getting the trophies fixed should alleviate some of that bad matchmaking stress and round out where players should be a bit better.


Even if matchmaking is determined by average power and a single ridiculously powerful dino causes that person’s average to be solely determined by that single crutch in the way I described?

If 90-110% isn’t enough of a range I guess you could get the option to either battle AI like it is currently or continue the search with 75-125% of power but with reduced trophies won/lost against opponents with a large gap in power.

How can anybody win

to this, its imposible, the matchmaking is unfair this make the game anoying

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Yeah I don’t think your critters got out of there unscathed did they? :’)

I don’t like much boosts, but the reason they are here is to make teams better than OTHERS.

I mean. Why would any P2W player buy boosts to only face people with the same amount of boosts? It is like: OK, I buy this powerUPs but I will face people that have the same amount of boosts.

For F2P players is maybe reasonable but the P2W players won’t be that much happy with this.

It’s either taken team average. So player with average lvl 23 team with boosted lvl 30 Thor will crush other average lvl 23 teams, without such crutches. Matched with lvl 30 teams will get crushed with or without Thor.

That has one problem Playing AI you can’t improve your highscore. Stuck in AI limbo, you can’t get better rewards in season.

As much as I hate boosts, I believe that taking into account only trophies is the only fair way to go. I mean, at the present state of the game the battling is done in order to lose or obtain trophies, only to monitor where you are on the monthly competition ladder. And this ladder is just a lineair thing, not something multi-dimensional where you could take into account other variables than that variable telling you where your are on the ladder at the present time. So, when it comes to fairness I think battling your way up against others with as many trophies as you is the only way to go.


  • droppers: don’t like them, but as long as the number of trophies gained or lost make sure the dropping player has to loose (at least) as many battles as he has to win to be back on his trophy level, we all should have our part of free wins too (this could be difficult to program?, but anyway I’m not following for 100% @Qiew on this; perhaps some one who wins 3-0 should earn a lot of trophies to push him higher on the ladder, but the loosing player doesn’t have to loose that much trophies of course). I don’t understand why Ludia can’t make it that way that staying up high is more lucrative in the first place, there are so many incentives they could use …
  • most of the time I’m not battling for a place on the ladder, I just want to have a fair fight to collect my incubators. And I think a lot of us are. Ludia choose to provide those incubators by doing battles that count for trophies on the ladder; imo that’s the issue…

What do you think about this team its earned or boost buyer?
How can anybody have a chance?

Once you base matchmaking on boosts and team level, you can say good bye to fair matchmaking. Players will not improve their teams for fear of being pushed up to the next tier and be losing match after match. Without trophies to determine your place and thus your “power”, 1 mistake in the algorithm or just a slight imbalance and you are going to have a continuous losing streak.

Imagine what you see above but you never get a weaker opponent. Everyone is more powerful than you and that is your “level”.

We had this fiasco in 1.7. Only reason no one really raged was because Ludia quickly (by their standards) changed it and boosts were a bigger bugbear. It literally ensured that PTW and FTP players were matched poorly and improving of teams meant you fell 100s of places down the ranks despite being stronger.

Also the top players in the ranks never met each other in arena. A FTP player could be 10th and sandwiched between 2 maxxed boosted players
Then after leveling 1 dino drops out of the top 1000 because now that dino is equal to a half boosted dino.

Had Ludia stuck with this matchmaker, the game would have never reached 1.8. Too many whales would have quit because progress was random. Your team could be all 30s and have 4k trophies but remove 1 30 and slot a 28 and you now are 5k trophies and win 90% of the time.

Try playing this every battle and never havin anything easier no matter what you do.

This is incredible the money that they spend boosting this is out of this world…

Its useful for Tournaments so why not?