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Matchmaker is fooling us and nullifying feeling of progress

Ok, it’s been a long time since my last post about matchmaker. Let’s update.

After last year boost reset, i decided not to use boosts anymore. I already talked about this here, since i can’t climb in ranking anymore (5000 trophies, low library) for my time spent in game, i decided to have more freedom to play.

And it’s nice. If i decide to change a dino, i can do it without worrying about paying 50% boosts every time. it’s much more fun and i have some diversity to play (even not worrying about ranking).

But the point is: i used last month boost shuffle to try some boosts. I had 5000+ boosts of each type (total 15000+) and tried applying them to my best dinos, and even changing since we don’t pay to change.

The results? LOL :joy:

I was about 4984 trophies that season, after applying all boosts and battle a lot, i got to 5054.

  • See: i climbed 70 TROPHIES after applying 15000+ boosts!


I tried the thing in differente ways, applying boosts to suchotator, indominus, highest level creatures, only uniques, etc. Nothing helped.

After applying some boosts, matchmaker is ready to give me stronger opponent. I apply some and got great lvl 30 monsters. Apply more and voilá: some apex. Apply more and let’s be smashed by boosted lvl 30 uniques + boosted apex.

What’s the point of upgrading something? 2 years later and matchmaker still preventing us to progress? I tried to level up some dinos too, and let’s face worst monsters.

my last post 2 years ago:

is it time to give us old-school trophy-only matchmaker? this score algorithm is not fair, it only brings illusion, it’s fooling us.


I had only boosted dinos for raids and was in the library for the past year. Once boost reset happened. I leveled up a whole new team and applied boost and was able to reach the shores before last reset. People are relying on older dinos that they have leveled up or boosting low levels dinos.

what about half tyrant and half hight elite (gamepress tierlist)?

but doesn’t change de point that the same team zero boosted is almost the same performance as 15k boosted.

the same happens with level upgrades, as my old post mentioned. level up and face stronger monsters, makes no sense. to really evolve, most of us have to double efforts and try to climb faster than matchmaker can hold us.