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Matchmaking algorithm observations

I’m currently in the Underdark league, so I can’t speak for the other leagues.

But there is a clear breakpoint in how matchmaking versus humans is performed at 3,700 trophies.

During the initial phase (before the first bot prompt) the matchmaking occurs as normal and looks to find a player within 200 trophies.

If I wait for a human opponent, it will ignore all players of lower trophy count and only match against players of higher trophy count. Even though I know there are lower ranking players who are currently matchmaking.

Once I drop below 3,700 trophies, if I decide to wait, both lower and higher rank players become accessible for matchmaking.

I believe this hidden matchmaking mechanism accounts for the “hot” and “cool” streaks that some players have reported on the forum.

This would also create a “gravity well” for keeping players near the middle of a particular league, and cause them to have about the same amount of trophies for their account maturity throughout a season.

Please post supporting or refuting experience in the Underdark League or if you too seem stuck in the middle of your League due to matchmaking “luck”.

Possibly true but not necessary to create a gravity well - see my league bound post.

When I wait I always seem to be put against someone in in leagues above me (I’m in breakbonee and it’s always always 3000+ sometimes 4000+

PvPis such a pathetic joke - I’ve fought (and I mean fought, proper battles) to 2960 so many times and every time I get 2-4 matches in a row in which I have zero chance because of initiative, turn order, character combos

One that chance particularly loves to throw my way is that their archer and wizard get to attack and I get to throw up heal with cleric

Or I get initiative and surprise surprise I get to put heal over time on with cleric.

So lame .