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Matchmaking Algorithm

Hey fellow DPGers! I’ve been away from the forum for a while. Can one of the mods or anyone else direct me to the latest matchmaking algorithm, please? Still trying to understand how matches are selected. I’m constantly being matched against teams that are many levels and stat boosts above my team. Please help! Thanks.

As far as I know, there really isn’t any. But I can speak for Ludia by saying to get around the uneven matchups, you need to buy more boosts. Because that’s what they want you to do.


I made it to Gyrosphere Depot a few days ago, for the first time. Since then all the L30 teams I was facing are gone, and I’m facing opp with L26-28 teams.
Moving up an Arena has felt like Arena dropping.


Last 2 opp:

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I wish we could switch places: i entered gyrosphere since last week and about 80% of my opponents are full lvl 30 dinos :frowning:…i only have 2 dinos at lvl 30 and the rest varies from lvl 26 to 29.

There seems to be a huge hurdle from aviary to low library. I was doing better before the reset and the more I won the easier it got. I haven’t yet played anyone with lower trophies and the trophy reset was just enough to hit that really impossible to win stage again.

Thanks for the feedback. You folks are way ahead of me as far as progression goes. I only have 1 unique (Thor - lvl 21) and I’m close to creating a couple other uniques. I was playing with an average level 20 team but kept getting matched up against level 24/25 teams so I decided to go with a level 16 team instead and the matches are a little better but now facing level 20 or higher teams that are super stat boosted. Not sure why I’m always being matched up and never matched down. I enjoy a challenge but where’s the balance? I can’t always be the lowest man on their totem pole lol

I understand what you are feeling for sure. When a 27 comes out I’m like whew this will be easier. It goes from that immediately to what tier is their speed at to be faster than anything I have which are all at 6 except Magna at 7. Really wish they would share the recipe to the algo. Best of luck to you!

Apparently a good strategy is just to have one super boosted, high level dino on an otherwise equal team. My team lvls range from 15-17 which is about right for Lockdown. I think I had mostly 14s and 15s to get here pre-boost


some matchmaker algorithm gifts in aviary:

i also would love to know exact formula. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Match making and losing, gaining trophies system are joke. Beyond my mind.

I can’t recall where the posting was right now.

This is version 2 of the new match making system.
At first to counter people with an overleveled Thor your highest level dino was counted most.
Stat Boosts and Trophies were said to be a factor.
This was to stop arena dropping because if you dropped down then switched to a super stomp you team you wouldn’t be doing much stomping.

In the second version because people complained about being punished for leveling up (they still do) the average of your team is considered and some mystical score is generated based on dino rarity and stat boosts. Trophy count is still supposed to be a factor.
It’s rare but you will, once in a while, see a resurgence of things like a level 30 Suchotator (Rare) or even a level 28 Miragaia (Common) because they don’t hurt your team as much as having a level 25 Diloracheius. Once in a while you’ll see a level 11-15 Dimodactylus amoung such high level things as people try to figure out how to lower their team level and yet have the thing do something (swap in bleed) if it is drawn for battle.

Edit: The actual Algorithm was never posted just a few scant hints.

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and here: