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Matchmaking and trophy system is horrible

I used to be a top 50 player with 5775 trophies before this new “patch” to revert boosts. After the patch, and last week this new “trophy system” has robbed me of 600+ trophies.
I started at 5,100 trophies today this morning. I have won more than I’ve lost. I’ve probably played about 12 matches, 8-9 matches I’ve won, the rest, lost. ALL of them expect 1, I was given 10 trophies for the win. TEN. The other time? 17.
Those 3-4 times I’ve lost, -35+. I’m currently now at 5,078. How in the world is this possible? I cannot progress. I used to enjoy playing in the arena. I dread it now.
This is on top of all these boost exploits happening again. Ridiculous. Fix it. We all ask you to.


Literally myself and many others have said this since the update dropped. Players with good teams are punished and low to mid twenties teams get to avoid playing us and rise to the top. Leaderboard is a joke and arena in general has zero competitive aspect since 1.7.


I’ve dropped 1100 trophies to this mess. I keep holding out they will fix it but that hope is dwindling fast.


I seriously miss how it used to be. I had so much fun playing this game. I’ve put a ton of hours on this game, now I feel like it was all for nothing. All those long nights darting dinos, leveling up, etc and it felt like I was progressing, sure slowly but still, I was moving up on trophies/arenas. Slowly getting my team level slightly higher week by week and I was seeing progress. It felt good. It was fun.
Now Im at almost team level 28, if not already there, and Im where I was 2-3 months ago, and it feels like Im going to continue losing more and more trophies.
So disappointing.


time to take a rest. stop battling and wait for ludia announcements.

Five months from now when they introduce more bugs and glitches.