Matchmaking Based on Dinosaur Team Min-Max Level Range


Hi Ludia Team,

I absolutely loved how matchmaking worked on JW:The Game. The players were matched up against other players based on their dinosaur teams level. Is that something that we can get in JW:A?

The matchmaking based on rank/arena can still be there, but it can be in tournaments, just like JW:TG.

I propose this simply for 3 reasons:
1.) Cheaters will almost always fight other cheaters since they’re all using high level legendary and uniques.
2.) Pay 2 Win players will have a higher chance at fighting other P2W and cheaters to keep them in line.
3.) Players are not FORCED to use a team that is considered “Meta” to win i casual battles

With this solution, players of all levels, access to dinos, and luck can enjoy casual PvP battles. When tournaments come, the hardcore can take their rightful place at the top of the leaderboards. This will also allow the use of all dinosaurs, regardless of level, to explore possibilities and new team combos without being matched up against a meta team. If I choose to use a a team of level 12 to 15 dinos, I will only be matched up with another player with that same min-max dinosaur level range, regardless of rarity.

I would love to hear other thoughts from the community.

-Darth (Ryan)

Matchmaking system needs tweeking
Community Feedback Requested for Matchmaking (See Link Inside)

I look at my recent opponents in the friends area and every one i fight is 200/300 trophies higher than i am which means their dinos are way higher in level and near impossible to beat. You should be matched to someone with very similar trophies as you like nothing greater than 100 trophies more or less than you. Anybody else getting these unfair matches?




All the time. Most of them have Indoraptor in their lineup…


Can you imagine winning a grand slam in tennis by only beating players at your level. I can’t even serve which tennis noob do I get to play. And apparently I can win a tournament by playing other people who can’t serve.

I want the winner number 1 to be able to beat everyone else not avoid playing them. I think you’ve taken fairness to the point it’s unfair to players who have the best teams.


I agree, which is why things like Tournaments will have that still. Casual PvP shouldn’t be as strict. Tournaments is fine with the same as it is now. Best/strongest team wins for the grand prize.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to join a casual after-work league to play for fun, only to find out that they’re all drugged up cheaters or professional athletes… If I wanted that, I’ll join a league tournament.


Okay if I failed to understand you were not talking about the coming tournament then sorry.

I will risk embarrassing myself again hey its online no one cares. It seems your casual pvp would have longer to find matches and really long if you pick a “weird” team.


I don’t think so. Jurassic World: The Game did just fine with matchmaking any and all combos.


If a person is bound to playing only against opponents in their Dino-level-range, then they’ll never get the chance to test themselves. This game is about luck, RNG, and level… but it’s also about strategy. If you really look at the 500, there’s a lot of players with 16-18 Legendaries or 18-20 Epics/Rares. You think Goku would’ve gotten as strong as he is without pushing his limits? =P


Psh, Goku got everything handed to him. Vegeta worked his butt off for what he has! :slight_smile:

I am just saying. It might help bring balance to the game by actually utilizing all dinosaurs in PvP without having to worry about getting destroyed by a tryhard. I would love to see how my lower level Gen 2 Rex does against an opponent his level. Will I ever get to? Probably not because I am 4,200 :frowning:


I don’t understand, you got the friends battle! You and your opponent got the same level, that’s what peoples asking for fair battle, isn’t it enough? Have you ever seen Nadal (tennis player) in final against a bulgarian or a japanese? They just don’t have the level ! You were asking for fair battles, FRIENDLY BATTLE is your answer!


Yes, trophy search should be within ±100.
Just fought a guy which 300 higher than me (4500 vs 4200), it was brutal when all his dinos are 4 levels higher than mine.


What? I remember it the other way around. Goku running snake road. Goku training in the hyperbolic. But i guess its a matter of perspective :slight_smile:


Where would be the incentive to level the dinos up? I’m fighting with level 15s … cool no need to level them up I’ll get level 15s all the time


People like me would throw a level 1 on their team just to be evil and throw off the match ups. Sometimes you battle higher ranks because there isn’t always someone with your exact rank waiting for a match. I wait 3 minutes to find a match sometimes and still don’t get someone with my same exact rank. Plus you get more trophies for beating someone higher than you.


I’ve been lucky and only fought 1 indoraptor i haven’t seen another one since


i guess i’ve been lucky to not meet an indo yet…though i often get opponents with both the T Rex and the T Rex G2. those are over before they even start.