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Matchmaking Bug in Arena

My highest Dinos are17/18, mostly just rares and epics. When I battle in the arena my games are most always against level 20-24’s, typically Legendary level Dino’s and the occasional unique.

These Dino’s regularly one-shot each of my strike team and usually three times in a row.
I lose most games without getting a single win.
I typically lose 30-35 trophies each game.
When I win against the arena bots every third loss or so I usually win but when I do I only collect 26-28 trophies.

My level has dropped from 3500+ to around 3200 in just two days.

This bug is keeping me from being able to collect battle incubators in order to upgrade my Dino’s and is keeping me from completing the daily quests related to the arena.

This is making me not want to continue to play this game anymore as I don’t have the (real-world or in-game) money to buy incubators and the lack of in-game incubators keeps me from progression.

Please fix this bug if possible.


Today was the trophy reset , so it’s gonna be probable you will face higher dinos until every one returns to the level where they belong

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Been like this since my Dino’s were level 11-14. Yes, it’s been worse the last two days but your reply is not the correct answer.

There is no correct answer , it’s just the way matchmaking works right now, not a bug. If you just noticed two days ago you don’t play enough. That’s the correct answer.

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Are you an official help/support rep for Ludia?