Matchmaking changed in last 24 hours?

I know we have had several threads asking this question since the last update and we generally conclude its a lucky run but has it actually happened this time?

In the last 24 hours I have faced a lot of L24-L26 teams with heavily boosted/levelled Thors & rats - exactly the sort of team that has been over achieving on the leaderboard. Up 400 trophies …


Others are reporting the same. I still can’t get a match unfortunately. Going on 8 days now without being able to match anyone


I don’t get it… you’re “explaining” why this happens in reply to my post… only to post this post now? That was exactly my point (amongst others) in my 30 battles full of nonsense post :see_no_evil:

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He was talking about the opponents trophy counts.
It only shows highest achieved.
This is more about match making.


Slightly different symptom of the matchmaking - there are a lot of teams at the top of the leaderboard with teams that most people concur really “shouldn’t be there”; they seemed to stay there because they were matched against each other rather than teams much more powerful than them - today my L24,L26-L29 team is facing a lot of them and having a rather easy time of it … not saying matchmaking has been “fixed”; just that something seems to have changed.

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So one of the things that the new matchmaking was meant to fix, i.e. helping top players get battles, isn’t working - right royal cluster muck

I just faced a Lv26 heavily boosted Erlidom + other dinos about Lv24 with my team ranging between Lv23-18 with an average amount of boosts. So from my point at least, no. It’s as bad as it was yesterday.

Pretty much lol. That’s why there is a standstill after 6k. Initially we could still battle each other. But even that has stopped now

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Yup. Haven’t been able to get a match in 6 days. :pensive:


are u saying, you top ranking are not matched against lower ranking players?

i mean… player rank 1 is not matched in a range, with rank 2, 10, 50 for example?

and what happens, a.i.?

AI yes. And it will eventually time out if you wait past AI. It ranges from 20-30 mins before it times out. Me and @practicekat have tried to match this whole time. And we cannot. Almost identical teams/boosts


Matchmaking was worse than ever over the last 24 hours for me.
So much so I cancelled my vip after over a year because it just sucks being matched with teams way higher than mine every single game. This has been the case ever since I levelled up my Magna 2 weeks ago. Subsequently I took it out, replaced with lower level legendary and I’m still up against level 28 boosted uniques every match. Mine are level 22 -25.
So since it’s pointless to level dinos up, there’s no point being vip is there?
Boosts have killed the game, along with the rat and a crazy matchmaking system.


I’ve actually gotten some rather even matches today. I drew bad, but at least I can’t say the teams were stronger. :slight_smile:

I thought they fixed it the other day when i had 5600-something trophies. I was getting tons of matches with people i had never fought. Then i made it to the beach later that night and the opponents disappeared. It was fun while it lasted. Now i can fight the same 4 people over and over until someone gets bored and stops searching. Then i just wait or sign off.


for nowadays perspective, and with what we all experienced with last matchmaker systems using team score / trophies range (since 1.7?)…

do you think if Ludia brings back old 1.6 matchmaker, with simple trophies-only system, would be good?

or is there still some way of tune AGAIN this team score system?


My vote is for trophies only … there were issues but the “fix” is worse


if this is happening above 6k troph, other 23 players may be experiencing same situation.

the ranking around first positions tend to be stuck then, for next 10 days.

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maybe other things to encourage people to not drop arenas, like what we have today as daily boost resources ammount. develop other things like that, people dont find a good idea drop and nobody gets stuck in ranking for upgrading team.

trophies only seems better indeed.

Trophy droppers were a non issue … they swept past you and that was it