Matchmaking changed in last 24 hours?

I’ve been having so many issues the last 24 hours, worse match making, rng, and the like. The amount of bugs has increased as well.

Its so frustrating, this was suppose to be an AI match:

I pressed the AI button and everything. I was afraid to restart the game because if I do that during an AI match, it just takes me to the Arena screen, not back in the battle. Ended up doing it after a moment and this is what i come back too:

Turned out to be a player, I lost 38 trophies!!! Like dropping almost 400 trophies wasn’t bad enough, this was icing on the cake. I’m at the lowest score I’ve been in four months.

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Yeah, never got the issue. You got panned by them on their way up, but you got an easy win on their way down. Kinda balanced out.


Lucky you for getting to beat them on their way down, never happened to me, they always beat me on their way back up.

yup,since almost 30 hours now,something have change,half of the match are time out,the rest is to face overpower and lvl 30 thor,draco and others useless match with only loss in the end
We are back in 1.7

For myself, I’d say it’s almost worse than before. I gave up on trying to get an incubator tonight. I would be lucky to get one dino kill or none at all. Everyone has their speed cranked way up and I’m paying the price for not jumping on every single boost sale. After all the time and money we’ve spent on this game since it’s release it’s all come down to this now.

what arena are you?

is this you’re reporting an issue of league arenas, or above some trophies?

i didn’t notice these very recent issues yet. :thinking:

Aaaarrggghhh - this is so frustrating!! :rage:

I’m on the edge of moving back into Lockwood Library and I am constantly facing the same handful of players with L22-L25 teams but with a L29/30 Thor and Draco both uber-boosted. When neither Thor nor Draco is in their team of 4 its a walk in the park; when just Draco is, its normally nip-tuck but when Thor or both are in, the walk in the park is theirs.

Don’t see the pleasure people get in such one sided battles.

[end of rant]


It seems to me they have been trying to fix the mm in stages… not sure 'cause I didn’t have time for enough arena battles yesterday. From what I read here there are still issues to be addressed (e.g, getting top players any matches other than AI), but let’s face it - there were so many problems, and many attempts at quick fixes failed, that there is no fast and easy solution.

Rome wasn’t built in one day :wink:

P.S. I should have time for battles later today and will report my findings :slightly_smiling_face:

Problem is I’m not sure there is a solution to these unbalanced teams with uber-boosted monsters - even if you went purely on trophy count you will still get the situation where win or lose is down to what team of 4 gets picked and you are locked in a stalemate. It is satisfying though on the occasion you do manage to pull off an unexpected victory - putting down a L29/L30 Thor that outspeeds your entire team and hits like a steam train does put a smile on my face.


We’re always going to face teams like this occasionally, no matter what. But like with arena droppers, hopefully they will move on after one unpleasant encounter and stay out of our way :wink:

We can but hope, but I worry (not excessively, there are more important things to worry about) that there are too many of them that have Thor and Draco - you get the odd other monster but I can live with that. I have never been a fan of nerfs but I hope they nerf both into oblivion - harder than poor Monomimus even. And I say that as someone with both on my team - it would be an acceptable price to pay to remove those monsters from the game.

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Yay! Back in Lockwood Library - I just love the visual so much :heart_eyes:

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Actually, for the last 2 days I have enjoyed equal matches! I guess it will not last forever

3 hours ago I made a mistake being slightly positive. Since then I have met 4 level 28-30 teams in a row with my 25-26 team. Nothing has changed. @Ludia_Developers fix your broken match making NOW!

When this new method started I was at 47** trophies which still shows as my official count.
However, as soon as it started I was losing every match and soon as low as 43**.
My matches continued to be against vastly higher teams and still does. I’ve not got over 45** this month yet every team I face is up at the 5000 level.
Of course they could have dropped as many trophies as me, but the fact that they consistently have level 28 and 29 unique dinos ( with 2 rubbish ones too ) suggests otherwise.
What a crazy system this is!

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My highest level Dino is 25 by the way


I’m happy if I stay out of the wrong part of Lockwood :laughing:

Does thia mean you get AI for 8 days already? Thats sounds like a dream come true for many of us :grinning:. Can we trade places?

Here’s one example of someone trying to manipulate the algorithm… opponent from a few days ago, had 1,000 more trophies than I did.

Well, it was an easy win for me - he got 3 low levels and his rat, which my Tryko had for desert - but why did I win only 32 trophies :thinking:

If we went back to 1.6 trophy based mm none of this nonsense would benefit anyone (he was of course counting on his OP dinos to one shot mine and the rat to finish them off) and therefore not occur.

:rofl: there’s trying to manipulate the system and total stupidity … but 1000 trophies more? Wow.

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