Matchmaking - changed?

Arena battles seemed a little “different” last night and continue to this morning; I’ve gained about 300 trophies and am back in Lockwood Library. Can’t put my finger on it but it hasn’t just been the usual procession of over boosted Thors. Probably just a lucky streak - anyone else noticed any difference?

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I definitely have, I played at least 10 matches today and only lost 3, a definite improvement over the usual.

Yep, encountered my first lvl25 monomimus in 1 battle earlier, first one I’ve seen in a long time, was kinda surprised. And feels I’m facing more tragods in the last few battles since yesterday. Battling in 4.6 to 4.7k trophies range btw.

I’m up 200. Battles all fun and fair, until the last one 2.9k attack Thor, 140+ speed etc. Lol :joy:

I had a game update yesterday but cannot remember if it was before or after the trophy gain

Seems like it may have been tweaked then - having the odd over boosted match but the majority are, to quote @Quantum_Robin , “fun and fair”. Time will tell.

Not for me. Well I haven’t tried today but I have been in a fodder zone in this game lately, I’m used as bait for the monster teams stuck in Aviary. While the lvl 21 teams go reach the aviary, I’m literally stuck battling lvl 26-28 teams in Aviary from down in Lockwood.

Still the same. Just getting lucky matches you are. 1 day proves nothing wait a few more days.
-I’ve done 4 matches and haven’t got booted yet so maybe they have seen my email just haven’t wrote back to confirm they have fixed this major issue.

Matchmaking doesn’t matter if you can’t play the game without being froze or booted from matches lol

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Not good for me too. Faced same player 3 times (along with few others) and they all had 400+ trophies higher than me and more speedier dinos than me.

The one I faced 3 times had 6x level 30 uniques (highly boosted I believe as I faced his Tryko all 3 times and he had boosts for ATK and HP costing 128 token), 1x 30 Dracocera (highly boosted) and 1x LEVEL 11 Dimacatylus (the Epic) … Really don’t know why he had level 11 one in there … just to make matchmaking in his favour? As I believe the swap in bleed he can get from other good Dinos and uniques.

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I still face frozen battles … had to even reload twice in a single match.

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I’m facing the same people all the time when I do battlle’s. Also waiting a long time to find matches resetting over and over -Which is annoying but I’m just waiting on a cool-down till I know this is fixed.

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Still convinced something has changed; roughly half my battles are between similar teams, another quarter against over powered teams and the other quarter against lower teams with the odd higher level creature - its this last category which is unusual and is helping me maintain/increase trophy count - its like the lower level teams that were able to climb up the rankings without facing players with higher level teams are being forced into the mix. This is Aviary/Lockwood Library.

Of course - could be total coincidence :slight_smile:


I got matched with a low level Gyro arena opponent which has never happened before.
Something tells me I would have lost far more trophies than I would have won though.
Will keep playing and see if it’s a fluke.

My highest team dinosaur is 25 and my overall team average is around 22/23. Last night I got pitted against a team of 3 level 26 dinos and a level 30 DC. Didn’t have much of a chance.

I give up - set a new season high score; next 3 matches all against L30 boosted teams :rage:
I have two L29 and one L28

Yeah… no difference here in fact it got worse last night. Idk they need to revert back to trophies here I think.

For now I am a fodder for the strong Aviary players. No wonder I can’t reach Aviary xD

I like battling tough Aviary players Ludia, while I can’t get out of the Lockwood and watch lvl 21 teams soar above me, maybe I shouldn’t have worked as hard as I have been. :o:

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For the first time ever I have stayed in Lockwood Estate for 3 days and I am starting to win more than I loose. Dunno if this is a lucky streak, but the battles have become more bearable now and also a lot closer between me and my opponent

Well this thread encouraged me to try again and I lost another 9 battles in a row.

Not better for me either. 300 below my official (high) trophy count of 5,048 (> 5,200 before 1.7) and no matter what I do to try to get better matches - take off my higher level dinos, add them some back on, etc. - I can’t progress. I shouldn’t have to try to figure this out, either - with an improved team I should advance, like it used to be before 1.7.

Agree with pp - they need to go back to a trophy only (as opposed to team strength) mm. That’s apparently what they used in the tournament and it worked well and was fair.

Can‘t believe that once I stood at 5200. Now I struggle to stay in the 4700 range.
Lost another 3 battles. Enough for today.

I am up about 200 trophies, from 3300 to just over 3500 and have stayed here for a week. So no, not noticeable from yesterday but a noticeable recent increase. I am thinking it has to do with the boost sale last week. We will see how it goes after yesterday’s sale.

My observations:

I am still unboosted and have not leveled anything up. Exact same ‘team strength’ for all of 1.8 so far. My recent opponents have been lower level than last week but boosted more. There have also been more battles where my opponents are making ‘rookie mistakes’. It is like they are just not proficient at battle. Sure, many are but more and more are not. It could be that they have concentrated their boosts and did not get that one or two boosted creatures. Without them, they have nothing and do not know how to battle unboosted.

Possibly my past opponent pool has risen in ‘strength’ according to MM. They applied more boosts so are too strong to be matched with me. Lower level dino have applied more boosts, so are now at my team strength according to the algorithm. It is possible they have all ‘shifted up’ in trophies and are now just too high to be matched with me. Someone else who has a boosted team in Sorna Marshes would have to verify this.

Before last week I would get over 3500 and be matched with boosted opponents 2 to 4 levels higher. These would be opponents in the 4000 range. I would be pummeled back to 3200 - 3300. I would then start winning as I simply overpowered my opponents: they could not one-shot me anymore. Wash, rinse, repeat. In the past week over 3500 I have not run into any opponents like that. I am running into those slightly higher level (yet still lower level than mine) boosted opponents I used to get at 3300 to 3400. My trophy range has jumped that 200 trophies for some reason. Staying over 3500 for a day or so I could see as an anomaly. Being here for over a week, is not the norm for what I have been experiencing.