Matchmaking changes that needed to happen - others that still do

This is a repost from a different thread, I want to seoerate the discussion.

Im going to say something that may not be popular with my friends, but it is something i believe and is my opinion based on years experience playing competitive games. Disagreeing is obviously fine, but hope we can still be friends with different opinions :slight_smile:

Wait times need to be adressed somehow. But allowing people to grind bots for trophies in a competitive environment is not the way.

The leaders should not be permanent fixtures. Gaining 4 trophies and losing up to 60 or so should be possible if you are that high. You should have to defend your spot. There should be a chance for others to overtake you.

So long as you keep winning, the result is the same - you stay on top. You just lose your cushion. Thats how it should be.

There are 5 issues here though that are related but NOT the same. Ive adressed the first one.

The next is wait times (which will get worse if we add more mm rules such as level dependencies and/or win/loss ratios). This is a hard one. My suggestion would be to start mm and allowing us to match up/down higher as wait time increases. Elo system keeps it fair. Battles also currently take too long - especially to update largely inaccurate markers for battle. Counter attacks, and especially double bleeds, need to occur more quickly. Speed this up. Also, why am I sitting in a waiting screen to be matched, only to be sitting in a waiting screen to load? This is really bad especially when it times out - or worse, doesnt and my opponent is already wailing on me. Fix this, shorten it. Im sure there are other suggestions.

After this you have incubators. Ludia has made incubators a big part of both dna collection and coins. Give us options to grind incubators without playing in the arena. Or provide an alternate solution (pve campains or something). Daily quests are a step in the right direction, but are sorely lacking so far.

Then you have bullies vs team strength vs collectors and unskilled people in general. Adding more rules to mm based on team strength will simply cause me to stop upgrading my team at best, and quit the game at worst. Its not a good idea, unless you are talking extreme examples (lvl 20 dinos vs lvl 10). I dont want to see someone with level 3 dinos at 6400 because they only ever matched others that did the same. Thats dumb. It also increases mm time. Trophies is fine except in extreme examples. However it would be good to implement some sort of mercy rule. If you lose 3 in a row, match you vs someone else who has lost at least that many too. Do this until you win. “It can be abused for easy matches!” You say. So what? You just gave out 3 free wins to folks before bullying one. And that guy that was bullied will continue to face those also on a loss streak, continuing to increase the odds they get an easy match - especially when combined with trophy count.

And finally you have rewards. While Ludia is getting better, including those lower was a great idea, they need to do more to incentivize the top 100ish or so spots. Increasing dna is not the way to go. Add some cosmetic rewards (read: skins, player profile pics, something) to the exisitng rewards.

That was a lot to type on a phone. Those are my thoughts.


Ludia has shown theyre listening, sometimes unfortunately. I think its a big mistake to fumble with the matchmaking, leave it alone please Ludia. There will always be people who think the odds should be slanted to give them even footing whether that be because of a lack of skill or dino level or time dedication… Making a poor choice wont fix it, itll just force them to make new demands


I think Wrothgar is referring more to the high-end players. I have never been up there so I cannot address his concerns.

I am at 4100 Trophies and have no issue with the match making of the game. Wait time is usually very short. Sometimes I do time out, but not enough to cause an issue. Next try I get a match. I have never (that I can recall) gone twice and timed out.

Opponents have been within 100 Trophies of me for the most part. I can get over 200 difference but it is rare. I get the occasional “bully” making their way back up. I strike at them so it is a quick battle then move on. I also get the players who were all too lucky and got over their head in Trophies. Their RNG fails them big time and it is over quickly. Those same RNG players have also whooped me and kept on their move up! I laugh rather then get mad as that screwy red chicken drops my third!! I wait a few minutes before I try again so I don’t get them twice in a row. It has happened.

I have beaten much higher-level Dino’s due to the opponent lacking skill. I have been whooped by much lower level creatures with a skilled person on the other end. And it is easy to spot the players who rely on that one over-leveled Dino. Once you kill it, they have nothing.

With the current trophy system, a poor player with a high-level team will find their range of skill/level. Same with a high skilled player with a lower level team. Of course, the player choice of which Dino’s to level up and put on their team counts also.

I do not have long winning/losing streaks in this range. Meaning winning/losing 30 in a row. Most is about 3 in a row either way. I believe a well-balanced team and a little skill prevents major streaks. And I have very little battle skill so most of it must be the team. I can go down 200 Trophies but it is a lose 3 win one, lose 3 win one journey. Then the same on the way up: win 3, lose 1… With my current team selection, I find a very hard cap at 4200. My lower cap is much more flexible.

At least this is my experience in the 4000 Trophy range. It may be much different over 5000 and probably very different under 3500.

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Well said @Wwwoodchuck. I appreciate you offering another perspective.

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