Matchmaking countdown is outdated

The matchmaking countdown is set to 2 minutes. Back in the day this made sense as the entire time was spent to find an opponent.

As of now it makes no sense because

  1. If you don’t find an opponent within 30 seconds, you won’t find one.
  2. The timer gets disconnected when it hits around 1 minute.

Anyways those 30 extra seconds is also a waste when it NEVER appears an opponent after the first 30 seconds. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hopefully there is some plan to deal with this already! :crossed_fingers:


I fully agree though it happened once that an opponent has been found after 50 seconds.
But 99.9% it’s a waste of time.

Same with friendly battles. You wait and wait until the battle field shows up or the friend logged off or you gave up and select another friend.

Set up a 30sec timer for accepting the battle request. BTW, incoming battle requests should be displayed on each screen.


If the system cannot find you an opponent in 30 seconds, then it should just default to an AI opponent and at least give you a battle, even if you just get an incubator out of it.


I guess the issue is that first they find you an opponent and then the AI timer stops, they try to connect you and it fails. But yeah if it fails you should be able to AI if possible (in tournaments that of course can’t happen)


3x in a row while on a loosing streak.

The next battles were against teams 3 levels lower. Strange…