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Matchmaking- Fight opponents with boost levels similar to your boost level

Problem- People with 24-26 lvl dino teams getting crushed by teams with mostly lvl 30 dinos with boosts 2 lvl higher than your team.

I don’t mind a challenge, and possibly losing, when fighting teams of mostly lvl 30 dinos with my lvl 24-26… it’s when they have the level advantage AND a 2 boost lvl advantage that’s its brutally hard, and not fair MM.

Concept- Only face teams that have dinos with 1 lvl differentiation in boosts.

Your own team can have dinos from 0-10 boost lvl. But your opponent will be based on +- 1 of the HIGHEST boost level on your team.
(So you can’t pick a few high lvl boosted dinos combined in a team with low level boosts in an attempt to game the MM system).

Weighting MM based purely on Trophies makes a hard wall that moderate players will slam into and be crushed.

Problem?- MM takes too long? I’d thunk there would be plenty of people at your boost lvl, or fight AI


I could’ve sworn I saw Jorge post something like they will continue to evaluate the MM situation, so hopefully something like boost lvl can be factored in.

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I’m afraid they won’t do anything for the MM(especially reduce the effectiveness of boosts) above 5000 since those arenas are for whales.

But for <5000 arenas, why not.

I wish I could fill up my incubator quota playing FAIR battles with a sensible and equitable MM and forego the trophies altogether. Let the whales duke it out over arena standings, and let the rest of us continue to collect first and foremost, and have a little more fun while doing it.

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That’s exactly what I want. Fair battles… not to be slapped down hard again and again if I encroach on the “magic barrier” of trophy level.

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