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Matchmaking Fix is really needed (see report inside)

I know it’s hard to create a good matchmaking system, it’s ok, but my main argument here is that in my opinion some situations shouldn’t even exist, like having a lvl21 non boosted dino against lvl30 overboosted dinos. That situation should never happens.

Hi all. I’m currently between 4900-5000 trophies (if I luckily manage to win some battles to make a quick visit to Lockwood Library before being smashed back down for overpowered dinos).

My team is lvl 21-25 with average boosts (although it happened to me before with no boosts applied at all during months), and I’m constantly facing tremendously overpowered dinos which I can’t win, whatever I do. I’ve been taking screens, and it is almost every battle that I use my lvl21 dino and my opponent uses his lvl29-30 overboosted dinos against me, then I use my 23 dino against it and luckily manage to kill it, then another lvl29 overpowered dino comes and then I use my lvl22 dino to end up losing, what I knew since the very beginning of the battle. SO BORING!

More info:
-I use a stable team, I’m not changing my team usually. I’m not trying to drop down nor other bad practices. I’m just a daily player trying to progress.

-That happens to me even in aviary with 4700 trophies which is absurd, because if I’m facing lvl 30 overboosted unique dinos in aviary, what are the 5500-6000 trophies arenas for??

-My girlfriend plays everyday in Aviary and faces the same situations constantly.

-Lately I’ve managed to level up my dinos a bit more, 1xLvl26 and the rest in 22-25 levels and visit the Lockwood Library with lots of efforts, and the same keeps happening, I’m always back to the Aviary quickly.

-I usually check the opponents profile after facing them and they do not only had that 1 lvl30 dino, ¡they have several lvl 29-30 dinos and a minimum of lvl26-27 dinos!.

-It happens to me only in that way, I mean, I’m not being faced against lvl20 dinos teams. If the system is bad, should be bad for my convenience some time, but no, I usually face only higher opponents.

Please, do something about it, so that situations do not happen anymore.

My suggestions:
To make a fair matchmaking, the randomly 4 selected dinos should be the ones counting for the matchmaking algorithm score, not the whole team.

There should be a sum of every dino raity (Unique weights 20, Leg=10, R=5, C=2 or something like that, only for example purposes), the dino level and the dino set of boosts applied to make an every dino “index”.
Then add the trophies to the sum of every dinos indexes and then pair the available opponents.

In case there is so much difference between the only available opponents, then AI match with a random team of similar index even if he/she is not online.

I’m not saying it would be easy indeed. Maybe that are good ideas or not, is only a little contribution for the enhancement in matchmaking.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps, and thanks for the good job. Have fun (if matchmaking lets you :stuck_out_tongue: )


Wow, this fame is so fair! Idk what you mean by bad matchmaking!!! Get gooder noob! Yet Ludia probably won’t address it in 2.0, which will eventually arrive sometime in the next 60 years

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I just wanna say press f for that.

A guy of my team (5100 trophy highest score)just fought legomin (top50) with highest score 6100… don’t tell me he was around 5100-5200 lol

I really doubt, that matchmaking can get better. There are many different reasons.

  1. Season reset makes matchmaking worse for a week or two.

  2. Tournaments over weekend affect arena, as there are less players battling in arena.

  3. Timezones affect number of active players too.

  4. Players would abuse matchmaking formula if rarities would be differently weighted.

  5. Players lvl their team differently. Sometimes there is big gap between lowest and highest lvl dino. So if players draw both its likely that will either get too hard or too easy opponent.

They could lower effect of boosts though. Even though lvls still matter more, many low lvl team can buy themselves a place way higher than their team could reach without boosts. This of course just makes matchmaking worse.

Then just minus trophies off for a while.

Training Grounds: minus 0 trophies
Fallen Kingdom: minus 0 trophies
Mt. Sibo: minus 0 trophies
S.S. Arcadia: minus 0 trophies
Nublar Jungle: minus 0 trophies
Badlands: minus 0 trophies
Lockdown: minus 250 trophies
Sorna Marshes: minus 300 trophies
Jurassic Ruins: minus 350 trophies
Lockwood Estate: minus 400 trophies
Aviary: minus 450 trophies
Lockwood Library: minus 500 trophies
Gyrosphere Depo: minus 550 trophies
Nublar Shores: minus 600 trophies

Or everyone loses 20% of trophies so people don’t have 20,000 trophies again but people are still facing the same players.

What they need to do is stop the monthly resets. Matchmaking will never be perfect, but the resets contribute to the main problem.

Just before the reset, for example, I was getting mostly fair matches. But now I’m being matched up against teams of fully boosted level 30s almost constantly.


This game sucks.

If your fighting level 30 Thors that much start using counters like suchotater which is incredibly easy to level and kills Thors & Indo g2 very effectively

Idk what to tell ya about that crazy ardentismax though… they call it a tower for a reason maybe try a thylacotator?

In case you didn’t know, if matchmaking was perfect, there would be almost no incentive to spend money on the game. No matter what level you would be, you would simply enjoy winning OR loosing 50% of your matches and you would then happily slowly climb the ladder. So, to force players to try to improve their team all the time, instead, they are using an offset matchmaking. So instead of 50-50, it could be 45% (you’re fighting a weaker team) and 55% (you’re fighting against a better team). Because you’re facing better teams slightly more often than not (those numbers can be adjusted anytime by them), you will want to always improve your team, hence may end up visiting the shop and spending a few bucks every now and then… Basically, like any casino, they give you the feeling you’re winning while slowly taking your money away… It’s amazing what 1 or 2% can do…

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Strap in. I don’t think MM gets better from here. They’ve tried making changes in the past, and they’ve failed. Doubt they want to experiment again.
Add in the fact that more and more players are reaching their endgame, and that compounds the issue. The more endgame teams there are, the more teams are around to drop to lower arenas. Whether that be from losing streaks, lack of skill, or actively dropping doesn’t really make a difference. You’re gonna be seeing endgame teams in most of the upper arenas.
The reset also doesn’t help, as it forces a lot of those teams to hover in place for prolonged periods.

I’ve played this game for around two years. I hate to break it to you, but they will not fix this matchmaking flaw because they don’t WANT to fix it. By starting you out against players who are much stronger than you, they try to get you feeling like you’re too weak. This drives up the sale of boosts which puts money in their pocket. This is the same reason why they no longer show you the arena score of your opponents in the “My Friends” tab. They don’t want you justifying the reason you lost was due to an unfair matchup. They want you to spend more money.


Imo matchmaking should depend only on trophies, but trophies gained/lost should depend only on team strenght

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I’ve recently been testing out new team configs and ended up in Aviary for a little while and I was shocked at the number of droppers down there.

The MM has very little consideration for level and boosts so even with low level dinos your gonna face droppers if droppers are down there.

One option could be arena locking so people cannot go from gyro to aviary to have easy incubators. Another would be to match people purely on team level and not trophies but that didn’t work last time and ended up with lvl24 teams in top 10.

I don’t think there is an easy fix but a better consideration of boosts and levels in MM would at least give a fairer feeling to those who suffer on that edge zone of dropper territory

Basing it on team level would NOT work some high level ppl could have half thier team extremely OP boosted level 30s and the other half level ones their average team level would be 16 and they would completely destroy anyone they battles bc they only need that 1 level 30 to wipe a team of level 15s

This is almost the same situation I am in, I yo-yo between Aviary and library, more often than not wheeling my little lvl 21 Dinos out to be greeted by a lvl 30 monster that’s got boosts coming out it’s ears, whose owner will no doubt be hitting the yawn and oops button repeatedly, it doesn’t inspire me to get better Dinos, I put my phone down and walk away leaving the dropper to “bully” someone who is in another room making a cup of tea

How are you in library with a bunch of level 21 dinos?

Aviary still has a bit of power based matchmaking to it. you can bust through into Library on occasion, but typically will be sent back pretty quickly. I’ve been yo-yoing High Aviary and Low Library for months. (starting with some lv 21s now 22-23s)

I have 2 that are lvl 25 the rest much lower, including 3 lvl 21 nothing near level 30… can’t answer why I’m in the library though isn’t something I control