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Matchmaking fix

Level 15 dino should never be matched with level 27 dino in any type of pvp. This matchmaking needs to be fixed and have you only fight people that are plus or minus 1 or 2 average level dinos. Number of trophies should never be the deciding factor.

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Matchmaking based solely on team level does not make sense. You could have someone running a team of level 1 common creatures being number 1 in the arena if you push the system to the extreme.

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Didn’t think about it to that extent. I would suggest using trophy count as a range and then closest to team average as possible. This could then prevent level 1 dino team like you said and also give battles that aren’t so one sided.

I’m not just complaining because I get matched to such higher level dinos, I also feel it’s unfair when I’m the one fighting level 8 dinosaurs with my level 18-20. It just takes the fun out of it.

I had thought about having a creature level cap for each arena up to Avairy. If you happen to level a creature past the cap of the arena your in, your creature’s level and boosts would be trimmed to your arena’s max level, the same as is done in raids. If you get a creature whose minimum level is less than your arena’s cap, you cannot play that creature till you move up into the arena where your creatures minimum level is not less than the arena cap your in.

The change Ludia would have to make on their end is to ensure that when your just below the next arena, your not matched with a player in the next up arena. Matchmaking would have to be the closest person in trophy’s in your arena.

This would prevent droppers from dropping down several arenas and decimating lower teams with end game Unique’s and Apex’s. If the arena’s cap is less than 26, they could not use their Apex’s. If the arena’s cap is less than 21, they can’t use their Unique’s.

This would give players who happen to gain higher level creature prior to being able to use them to work on moving up into an arena where they can be used.