Matchmaking Fixes: Test of Might Dec 13, 2019

Matchmaking Fixes: Test of Might

The matchmaking in Test of Might events has been updated based on event performance and player feedback. We’ve made the following changes to ensure that all players have an enjoyable challenge as they compete in the Test of Might:

  • Matchmaking for the event is based on your best Battle Mode trophy score during the current season - your Event Trophy Count.

  • Winning or losing a match in the Test of Might adjusts your Event Trophy Count normally, and the adjusted value is used for the matchmaking for the next match.

  • The Event Trophy Count is not the same as the player’s current trophy score in Battle Mode. Participating in a Test of Might event never affects the current trophy score, arena, or league ranking.

  • The Event Trophy Count is recalculated at the start of each new event.

Note that lowering trophies in advance of the event has no effect on the event’s difficulty. Additionally, chest rewards during the Test of Might are based on your current arena level. The higher you are, the larger the rewards.


Thanks Jon, Ned,

It is nice to see some effort has been taken to alter the match-ups.

However, something seems amiss. If I understand correctly in seasonal PvP the bots are supposed to be based on my current Battle Mode trophy count. This is not occurring. The bots I am facing in seasonal play are overpowering. I have lost an inordinate number of matches in the 1st round. As such, PvP in its current state is unplayable for me. I cannot fathom how I will be able to fare in ToM when the bots will be based on a count 100s of trophies higher.

Additionally, If I understand correctly, because I did not ‘try’ last season and only increased my seasonal count by 400 tropies, my opponents in ToM will be weaker than the opponents of those who put in a great deal of effort and achieved a higher trophy count? This seems unfair. Why would the developers actively punish the success of others while rewarding my deficit. This is counter to the WotC gaming philosophy.

What can I do to encourage more favorable bot opponents.

Why not just assign all gear a “score” similar to Warcraft and take trophies out of the equation all together in matchmaking

Three reasons why I don’t think that would work. I am willing to change mind if there is something I miss about it.

  1. Even If given the same choice of gear not everyone would wear the same stuff. It could be asthetic reasons or it could be strategic choices. Do you want to be able to push or pull your opponent. With the number of slots and the number of choices in each it would be very hard to come up with the right formula for what should be worth what

  2. someone will correct me if I am wrong on the numbers here and I will change it. Your strength isn’t just based on your gear. You gain stats as you level but since you can get legendaries at level 10 and 11??, than in theory someone level 11 and someone level 20 could have all of the same gear but the level 20 would be a lot stronger

  3. If rankings are based on gear what happens when you and I battle and you beat me? My gear doesn’t change and neither does yours, so how do we move up and down?

I agree that the trophy system and matchmaking needs some work but it is a catch all. If your level, gear, strategy, LUCK, help you win you move up if you lose you move down. So far it’s not a great system but I honestly haven’t heard a better one yet.

I agree with Mkb617 that it may be difficult to establish a balance based on equipment alone. The trophy count match-up has generally worked well for true PvP matches. I enjoy most battles against real players. In most of these battles I have at least a chance to win.

The bots have become a separate issue entirely. I’m not sure what formula is being used for bot generation. At each update they tend to be getting progressively more difficult. Currently, the gear and symmetry of my Bot opponents is overwhelming. I’m not sure what to do to make the bots manageable. (ie. will lowering my trophy count encourage more reasonable bots) I need some feedback from the support staff.

I wouldn’t suggest lowering trophy count to find bots you can beat… it’s kind of circular… lower trophies to beat a bot and win trophies… kind of self defeating. I know you were mostly being sarcastic though

Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately I seem to be trapped within a quagmire.

The bots I am facing are significantly more difficult than those of my relative, even though we have similar accounts. By comparison, my trophy count is slightly lower, my renown is slightly higher and are using items similar in level. My experience is indicative that trophy count is not the only factor involved in establishing bots. It seems something changed with the update. I am hoping someone from Ludia will identify which factors are now being applied.

Yeah the bot system definitely need work. I made a post stating what I thought was wrong with them. We don’t always agree on everything but I do always value your opinion so would like to hear your take on what I said.

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You say your trophy count is lower but renown is higher. That would mean you have higher level heroes since the only way to gain renown is by leveling. Maybe they do use a players levels when creating bots.

I will add my anecdotal evidence of what I think is happening with bots.

I am in the 3000-3500 trophy league. When I face bots, they are by default all level 16s. If I beat around 3 bots in a row, the next group I face will be level 18s. If I then lose, it goes back to level 16 bots for a few more matches. It’s pretty predictable.

Prior to this reset, I entered the 3500-4000 league. There, the default bot encounter is level 18 bots. I do not win against level 18 bots, but I would hypothesize that if you win 3 in a row, you’d face level 20’s.

I have also been pushed down to the 2500-3000 league. There, the default bots are level 13s. If I win 3 in a row, I face level 16s.

All very predictable.

Apparently it is a gate system. My heroes are all level 12-14. Apparently they don’t want players of my level in the 3500-4000 league, so they made the bots default to a level that I cannot win. I have accepted my fate that I shall not rise above 3500 for more than 1 battle.


[EDIT] I am renown 18

All my heroes that I fight with are level 13 with a couple of newly leveled 14’s and I can barely make 3000 and am nowhere near touching 3500. I made a post about my problems with bots but I don’t think they actually care what level heroes make it in to a leauge. It is more likely if anything that they just assume no one at certain levels would make it into a league. However, like with a lot of things I don’t think the leagues have anything to do with it. Anyone under 2500 trophies is not in a league and I find it unlikely that they would create 2 different systems for matchmaking or creating bots. It’s not that they couldn’t, I just don’t think it is likely that they would. To me it’s more likely that the level of bots they create is tied to your trophy number and win or loss streak and not much else.

I said it in a different post on a different subject, but had they not called them leagues and instead just said “we are giving you a free chest as a prize for every 500 trophies you gain after reaching 2500,” nobody would think anything about it. They just used the word league to fancy it up

[quote=“Mkb617, post:11, topic:113480, full:true”]To me it’s more likely that the level of bots they create is tied to your trophy number and win or loss streak and not much else.
That’s pretty much what I said. The default bots are tied to trophy count. If your trophy count is between 3000-3500, the bots will be level 16s. Win streaks increase this to level 18s.

I won’t pretend to know what others are experiencing, but I can predict with utter certainty exactly what level bots I will face at any given time, given the perimeters listed above.

My comment was geared to your “gate system” and “not wanting players of your level” comments. I don’t think they use a system based on trophies and win streak, but then change it as you approach a new league

I’m not suggesting they are changing the system they use based on league. But they are matching you with higher level bots once you hit certain trophy thresholds (which, just happen to coincide with league thresholds). By definition, you will eventually consistently encounter bots that you cannot beat. (I can beat level 16 bots, but I cannot beat level 18 bots.). The end result of this is that I cannot raise my trophy count above 3500 by playing bots.

I guess I shouldn’t have made the assertion that they did this on purpose. That implies a level of game theory that they frankly haven’t shown this far in the game’s life. But it is a fact that their implementation has had this exact effect.

I guess I am misunderstanding what you are saying. What I was trying to say, and what I have seen, is that every time I move up 100 or 500 or 20 trophies the bots raise up the same unless I am on a win streak then they get a bump. Which would be a smooth system because it take my trophy count and win streak into account. No sudden jumps because I hit some line

Are you saying that if you fight at trophy level 3490 you will get level 16 bots but then if you fight at 3451 you get level 18 bots?

Also congrats on being able to beat bots 2-4 levels above your hero level. One of the biggest complaints I see about bots is people being forced to face bots at that level and having very little chance against them

Another question I have and it will sound smart alecky but that is just because we are limited to forum posts and I can’t think of a way to word it where it does not. Rest assured though it isn’t meant that way.

If your heroes are all 12-14 you are in the same basic range I am and I know how much play time that takes. I also know that each level gets way way harder to achieve either with money or play time. I don’t know that I’ll ever reach 18-20, so do you really think we deserve to be in the same league and have the same prizes as the people who have made it to that point?

Sorry if I wasn’t communicating clearly. Yes, I am saying there is a definitive and predictable threshold for bot levels. If I am at 3499 trophies, I will face level 16 bots (mitigated by current win streak). If I am at 3502 trophies, I will face level 18 bots. Every time.

[EDIT] And as for beating level 16 bots, I cannot beat them 100% of the time. I’d guess that I have about a 75% win rate against them. I’d lose every time if they played with strategy. lol

Ok gotcha. So it is a little different than i described but still predictable.

No, and that’s why I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t get above 3500 trophies. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. :wink:

I’d love to get that Legendary reward for hitting top league. But, as with most games, you can’t get that shiny reward until you’re at a level of play where that shiny reward really doesn’t mean all that much anymore anyway. lol

Yeah I am with you on that. Even now when I get a locked room for a character and I am at the exact minimum to open it, the prize is already seldom anything exciting.