Matchmaking Fixes: Test of Might Dec 13, 2019

Lmao, so last season for the first part there was no bots and I drove trophy count high on lower level players. Then faced unbeatable bots the rest of the season. My reward is test of might geared for 5k trophies. How can I say thank you in an appropriate way that won’t get an instant flag?

I’m in the 3500-4000 atm. I face level 19’s if I win they go to 20. Something fishy going on if others getting 18’s at 3500

That was why I had the curiosity with old benn. I have heard others say similar. Maybe it’s relative to player level as well? He said he was 12-14 heroes… what level are yours

Main 4 at level 18, rest at 16 except that scrub drow hiding in the back

Yeah so maybe it is some combination of trophies and player levels then

Or the pattern isn’t linear. I see the same thing as @Old_Benn. 13s from 2.5k-3k, 16s from 3k-3.5k and 18s from 3.5k-4k.

Don’t forget that the difficulty is further modified by win streaks in the current bot generation algorithm, as described by @Tyr. I have also used this algorithm to accept fights vs bots after I’ve lost 6 in a row.

The bots were further modified based on the gear/stats of the party characters, which I haven’t figured out is still used for the calculation.

Nevertheless, if you know your league and win/lose streaks, the strength of the bots will be predictable.

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Hi Jon,

Can you clarify if the Leagues are considered different from Arena level 7 for Test of Might reward chests? Based on my understanding, for the arena chests and daily PvP, Gold/VIP chests, Arena level 7 is treated the same as all the other leagues.

The reason I ask is because this event is being held shortly after the ranks were reset, and many individuals, including myself, have not yet climbed back to where we were last season. If the leagues do matter for rewards, then I would want to climb as high as possible before obtaining rewards. In contrast, if it doesn’t make a difference, I’d rather just let my trophy count climb naturally over the course of the season as I complete my daily chests.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Hello @retsamerol,

Everybody in Arena 7 or in a League earns Legendary Battle chests as their rewards. Leagues do not matter for rewards. Being in the top league doesn’t give you any better rewards than just being in arena .


Thanks for the clarification.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to know with regards to how far to tank too :wink:

Dropped a rank, bots didn’t change. Still level 19 followed by 20 if I win. Picking up a lot more player matches though.

Based on my understanding, the current system is designed so that dropping your trophy count artificially does not matter because your event MMR is based on your highest trophy count this season (see the first bullet point in the opening post).


Ahhhhh hahahaha. So I tried out Test of Might. Got matched up with 3 people I had zero chance of winning against even on a good day. 30 gem refresh. Yeah, think I’ll go back to challenges where the cost is reasonable and the rewards are better.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately, what I am experiencing is different. I am battling well equipped level 16 bots while on an extended loosing streak in the bottom league. Comparing my experience to your post It seems there must be a secondary factor involved in bot generation. I suspect is renown or hero level.

Even though the factor(s) resulting in me facing superior bots in relation to some of my peers are likely something I cannot alter. (ie. I cannot decrease my renown or hero levels), it would put my mind at ease to know why it is so, and might assist other players in avoiding my fate.

Unfortunately, the developers or support staff seem unwilling to reply.

Are you sure this is 100% working? I fought against someone who has +2 levels compared to my characters and he already won 5 times. Double check your rating formula.

Edit: just fought him again just now.

Edit edit: And again.

Jon, Ned,

Thanks for your ongoing updates.

I’m hoping I can get some assistance with an issue related to the recent correction you made to your post. Until the recent update, in the lowest league, I have properly been matched against equitable bots and comparable players. The players were always within 200 trophies of me.

Unfortunately, I have come to I understand the bots I am facing exceed those of many of my counterparts and I am being matched against human opponents that exceed my current trophy count by more than 300 trophies.

The following correction to your post indicates matchmaking is to be based upon current trophy counts.

Below is a photo of my most recent ToM match. This was my 5th and final ToM match. Prior to this I had won two and lost two.

My opponent’s current trophy count exceeded mine by more than 300 trophies. It does not appear match-making is being arrived at using current trophy counts.

Has the match-making range expanded to account for this or is there something else influencing the match-ups.

I’m also not seeing a decrease in my MMR when I’m losing battles.

Can the engineers check to see if the MAX battle season rank to set Test of Might MMR be cross contaminating with MAX Test of Might MMR?

The other thing to look at is to see if Trophies are being added based on Test of Might MMR or battle MMR.

The other thing to consider is that the current algorithm for gaining/losing trophies is counter productive for player progress: more trophies makes the mode harder.

For example, assuming if trophy gain/loss works like in regular battles, then if you keep matching against a much stronger player, you’ll continue to be matched against them because your trophy counts will just change by 10, creating a 20 trophy differential. You’d need to play and lose 5-10 games straight to get out of their matchmaking range.

I’d much rather see a flat 30 or inverted algorithm so that the wider the gap in MMR, the more points you lose so you get pushed to the correct MMR much quicker.

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To be clear my bot testing is in normal pvp. ToM isn’t a concern of mine as it’s only a 2 day event. I’m testing normal pvp bots trying to come up with a strategy that doesn’t involve taking 2-3 hours to do daily pvp chests. I dropped all the way down to burntbone league just now. Bots didn’t change with leagues. Here is first bot generated after starting my rise back up the trophy ladder. I did get 3 out 4 of my highest levels and won the match. The only thing that did changed was getting more player matches the lower I went. Although most of those matches left the other guy wondering what he did to deserve the match making. So the lesson learned is tank all trophies at end of season. To start at 0 and work up. Or live with the stupidity of 3 hours to get 40 kills scratched out on base level 19 bots that jump to 20 first win. Wait time is the most frustrating part of it.

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Well fought 3 matches, was crushed in all 3 matches, exactly like before. Amazing job with the “fixes” lol…good grief.

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