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Matchmaking Fixes: Test of Might Dec 13, 2019

I read every post in the forum, must have just skipped over the first one :frowning:

Oh well makes for some easier battles to get my arena chests :wink:

My highest this season is my starting rank 2750 , making me burntbone league, I dropped to arena 7 yesterday - when I enter event it says arena 7

Having said that 2nd match bots 3 levels higher, killed by the old 3 vs 1 cleric cheat


Reposted here upon suggestion –

Hmmmm, I was all gung ho for this.

I am level 9 to 12 with 2153 PVP score. Moving up a bit! Something is still fishy here. I thought with new “pvp ranks” this could not happen?

Battle one. Opp consisted of 14 Mage, 17 Priest, 15 Rogue and Bard – Mage one shot me

Battle two. Opp consisted of 13 Rogue and Jarl - 16 Barbarian and Fighter. Barbarian 1 shot me round 2

Battle Three - Opp consisted of all level 14 - Barbarian, Bard, Lock, Ranger – At lease I died in fire.

Also, one opp had a PVP score of 2630? What am I not understanding??

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I fought you recently - think I thought u were a bot as I got 3 or 4 in a row (different teams) at 3000 trophy count :wink:

I’m testing it now - dropping back to arena 6

I think they missed a patch as my highest trophy count is from LAST season. To be specific, In this new season I have not achieved a trophy count as high as what is showing in my profile. The trophy number is from last season, not since the reset.

I suppose I’m seeing arena 7 because everything above that is treated the same in regards to rewards

@wise1_forsure I could be completely wrong but I think when that was first posted the season had not reset yet so it would be the last season if you are looking at it today. Like I said I could be completely wrong though

I just dropped to arena 6 and when I entered event it said arena 6

Enemy was within 300 on new arena score but then again they were also within 300 of this season high - might have to drop a bit lower :wink:

Of course still got cheated in 3 v 1 cleric - my Naomlen got 3 triple attacks never gets less than a few thousand damage, got 600 ish on all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok dropped to 2076 in arena, opponent was 2760 ish - high current season 2750 so not definitely basing on arena - they got that right :wink:

Strangely though says arena 6 when entering event which should irrelevant as it’s all being based on my season score which is 7+

It would be this season as I got to 3000 last season and my lowest opponent in event was 2400ish which is within 300 of current season high of 2750


I don’t mind the prizes I got for Test of Might but I’m confused by the statement the higher you are, the higher the chest rewards. I ended up in the top arena last season, third place overall. The chests I got were the 3 hour, 12 hour and 18 hour. So maybe arena less was 3 hr, 8hr, 12 hr? And then below that was 3 hr, 3 hr, 8 hr? And what would the lowest arena be all 3 hr chests? It just doesn’t seem to make sense that I wouldn’t have gotten a 24 hour chest.

ToM is all over the place. In labyrinth league now and was at start of ToM. I just faced jimbolia twice, followed by standingwarrior then an all level 10 team. Although the level 10 team was one of those ultra geared up legendaries. Just not leveling characters. Trophy count still lowered from dropping to test bots. In other words different day same old broken game. It was a nice break from bots, but clearly rigged matching.

THere is absolutely no point in doing test of might. Rewards arent worth the time or gems needed to complete


That was me. Thanks for the pity concedes lol. I have level 7 and 8 Epics mostly but also some level 2 legendaries.

My MMR is floating around 4k for the test of might despite having a sub 50% win rate.

You dealt more damage then I expected with some those hits.

Fought 4 battles, won 1
No more TOM for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird side note. I wasn’t playing Test of Might when I faced you. I got a daily quest and was doing the general arena. So interesting that it paired us. Also by the way I was surprised you seemed to stop taking your turns because tide may have been turning but I thought you might win the match. Oh this message was a reply to Tyr not sure I clicked it though that way.

Can confirm this is complete rubbish:

“Winning or losing a match in the Test of Might adjusts your Event Trophy Count normally, and the adjusted value is used for the matchmaking for the next match”.

Lost maybe 15 in a row continually getting matched against the same stronger opponents. There is no “event trophy count”

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Pizza delivery driver showed up with my dinner. Think we still had everyone alive at the time.

The Test of Might ‘trophy count’ is broken, been fighting players with more geared characters like 5 times in a row now, which does not happen in normal Arena Battles.

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Fought this guy about 6 times now. Complete joke