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Matchmaking Fixes: Test of Might Dec 13, 2019

I literally just broke a 0-16 streak in ToM over the last 4 hours. I now have the 1st pick in the 2020 draft, taking offers if you want to move up. I took a couple breaks from the insanity. Every match was against the same 4 from top 10. Finally got someone different and won 1. You know the match making is bad. When the opponent takes one look at who their facing and doesn’t even have enough respect to move ranged off front line :stuck_out_tongue: They were right never killed their pally with taunt. Shevarith was as safe as a newborn in a crib.

The title of this thread is “Matchmaking Fixes …”.

This title is very misleading.

Fortunately, many of us have long been aware the phrase “Matchmaking Fixes” can only be viewed as an oxymoron when used by the WoW team.


Hey Orloch, I’ll forward your feedback directly to our team.

Thank you, everyone, for providing your experiences for this as well!

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Thank Ned. Your personal efforts are always appreciated.