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Matchmaking for battles doesn’t make sense

What is the point of having a trophy level if you never get matched to an opponent near that level? Now one may argue that 200 points is within that range as it could still be in the same arena. But I think we all know that in the practical sense this is not the case. There is usually a significant difference in the hero’s gear levels.

Anti tanking efforts don’t make sense as there’s no way to excel. Also this doesn’t stop players from being matched with someone who is significantly stronger, something we all still see right now. I’m not even sure you could buy your way out of this vicious cycle as I’m guessing you’ll get matched with someone near your own power level! To top things off, not everyone wants a highly intensive battle every time they battle. Everyone needs a breather.

If I’m not going to be matched with someone near my trophy count, I don’t see why this system would even be implemented.

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