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Matchmaking from arena 5 is extremely difficult

If you’re reading this, then I want help with passing arena 5.
I have been dropping a lot because of legendary users who have them at lvl 20-23 range.

I have been encountering several dracoceratops,tryostronix,allosinosaurus and indominus rex.
They are all lvl 16-23 ranged while my highest is a lvl 17 Einiasuchus.
The only dinosaur in my area are Majungasaurus,Lythronax and Suchomimus. I am extremely annoyed and tried to create an Indominus Rex however my Tyrannosaurus Rex is lvl 11.

Why Lythornax?

It took me forever to get out of arena 5! I did it in increments…win, win, win, lose…don’t play for a day…repeat. That was a few updates ago though. Now I’ve been in arena 6 even longer than 5! I’ve gotten to arena 7 maybe twice only to quickly get knocked way down again. I feel your pain!

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I myself don’t know that why Lythronax, majungasaurus and Suchomimus only appear. Although, suchomimus is rather useful for creating Suchotator.However, Lythronax is horrible, Majungasaurus is obtained from alliance incubators and is only useful for Majundasuchus, which is actually a horrible dinosaur.
Maybe once a month there might be an extremely rare chance of a rare dinosaur or maybe an epic dinosaur spawning. I go around but always see the 3 latter dinosaurs and the only useful dinosaur I get is Velociraptor,suchomimus,irritator and tarbosaurus.

So when you said Lythornax you were like
Is this a good Dino?

Thanks man, really appreciate your views. My team consists of

  1. Procerathomimus lvl 13
    2)Gorgosuchus lvl 12
    3)Einiasuchus lvl 17
    4)Sinoceratops lvl 16
    5)Miragaia lvl 16
    6)Erlikosaurus lvl 15
    7)Suchotator lvl 15
    8)Concavenator lvl 15
    I honestly feel that we should get a Concavenator and a miragaia hybrid ‘Miravenator’ (LOL the name sucks). It will be a Concavenator with longer arms, with miragaia spikes and a little longer snout but not fat like Diorajasaur . It will have long defense, Defence shattering impact, Regeneration and pinning strike. The counter attack should be either defence shattering or armour piercing (defence shattering may be too much and may have only few counters against the counter-attack). Health should be equal to Concavenator and damage should be equal to that of Miragaia and speed should be atleast 115-117 range

You sir, are the absolute madlad.
Your motto literally is Modern problems require modern solutions.

Btw its skin should be like this

Am I reading this thread correctly? This is like performance art but it’s you, yeah?

Pretty much XD

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Wait wha?..

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Anyways, you guys wanna friend me in jurassic world alive?