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Matchmaking have change again?

Because now i ONLY face lvl 30 over boosted team with all creature faster than mine,so,anything new happen?

That You reached your max and now you have to face stronger teams.

I’ve been in a lose streak since yesterday (-500 trophies)

I haven’t upgrade any member of my team since long time and i didn’t boost anything.
So,the only possibility is it come from a change from matchmaking?

Maybe you had a win streak and now you have to sit on your place which means you will lose until match are favorable

I don’t know if it’s happening in higher arenas too, but Sorna Marshes has regained its bots. And these bots, although having equal level or lower creatures, give 40 trophies all the time, which artificially inflate your rank and results in facing opponents waaay higher.

new release note from ludia, about matchmaket current rule:

  • hello, fellow dpg members.
    we did a little improvements into matchmaker system.
    now, if you reach max trophies we believe you deserve, than you start to fight against @Idgt902 and @practicekat untill you loose miserably about 400 trophies, no matter you are aviary or fallen kingdom. then you are matched again with expected opponents. we hope this way you buy more boosts and incubators, in a hope of progress.
    thank you for your cooperation.