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Matchmaking horrifically out of balance and other bugs


I just experienced the weirdest night. The matchmaking was horrifically out of balance after the game went wonky and the whole zero health but still standing issue occurred.

After rebooting the game several times, my plucky team of little boosts and no uniques (yet) was suddenly pitted against teams multiple levels above mine with lots of boosts. Trust me, no amount of strategy would’ve conquered teams like this with a team like mine. I’ve only been playing since February of this year without paying, so it takes time to build up a team…

So, anyways, then I was placed against a team that was acting like an AI, even though it wasn’t supposed to be one (match didn’t time out). The “person” I was playing against should’ve kicked my rear with a team like theirs, but instead this opponent swapped their last two creature in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out - they weren’t cornered, and my creature could’ve easily been trounced by theirs.

That’s when it dawned on me - some of the other teams that I’d been facing earlier after the bug were VERY similar to the AI teams from a the update before the most recent one.

Is the game accidentally placing me against an AI that’s overpowering my team, causing me to lose nearly 200 trophies in a sitting, and making it near impossible to get a battle incubator? Or was the matchmaking glitching?

Anyways, I can’t remember if I rebooted the game again or not, but suddenly I’m being matched with teams closer to mine…

It was very odd.

Also, recently the map has been buggy. A creature will appear suddenly, then the minute I go to dart it, it disappears just as suddenly as it appeared. This has happened multiple times on multiple occasions. I think this is a bug, too, especially when the same creature will follow me and disappear for a bit.

I also had a match “time out” in the tournament. It was an epic battle - lasted at least 10 or more minutes. I was finally going to win, and then the game said I wasn’t active so it stopped the match. Needles to say… it was very painful after battling so hard :rofl::sob::grimacing::expressionless::upside_down_face:. Does the game time out matches if they take to long? I’ve never heard of this before…

Anyways, hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.

Thanks so much!

Bonjour, rassurez vous vous n’êtes pas le seul à qui ca arrive, en plus on a un profil assez similaire car j’ai commencé en mars et on est confronté au même problème.

Moi le pire ca à était ce matin, sur les 7 combats que des dinosaures uniques entre niveau 21 et 23. Mais le plus étrange c’est que quand on fait la recherche de combat ca trouve instantanément quelqu’un, alors que d’habitude ca prend plusieurs secondes, Ça doit êtres lié je pense

Translated from French

Hello, rest assured you are not the only one to whom it happens, in addition we have a profile quite similar because I started in March and we are facing the same problem.

I was the worst this morning, the 7 fights that unique dinosaurs between level 21 and 23. But the strangest thing is that when we do the fight search it instantly finds someone, while usually It takes several seconds, It must be related I think.

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You got matched against the pity ai which happens in lower avairy and lower… not positive whats the exact trophy count its starts. After you lose 2-3 matches in a row the game will match you against an ai opponent which used to result in an easy win and thats why we call it the pity ai.

The problem is the pity ai is still tuned against 1.9 boosted team which can result in a big losing streak since the game just keeps matching you against the same ai.

Map refreshings are “feature” of new gps tracking that was implemented with 1.10. It’s most annoying thing after map changes. Map is also inaccurate.

Where the road disappeared? I was on that road on a bike. Before 1.10 road was there. And that road infront from left side don’t exist (though this is from beginning).

Oh, ok… but in 1.9 the game would tell you that you were battling an AI. This time it wasn’t. Also, in 1.9, I honestly don’t remember battling against pity AI teams advanced quite this much, even when boosted (or maybe I didn’t notice because my team was stronger then). Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully Ludia fixes this. If pity AI means “take them out of their misery”, well then, at least they are achieving that goal :rofl::grimacing::upside_down_face:

The creatures would appear in my range circle - the small range circle not the big one. The roads were all the same, no changes. The creatures would suddenly appear when I was out and moving, then I’d go to dart them, and they would disappear. A few meters down the road, the creatures would appear again, and then suddenly disappear if I tried to dart. It also happens when I first start the map, a creature appears, I try to dart, then it’s gone before I can.

Yeah, thats because of map refreshments. Though if you are in range, creatures will reappear.

I’m in range. The creatures are in my small bubble. They pop up and immediately disappear even though I haven’t moved.