Matchmaking improbable chances of battling Thor as often as it happens

If a player’s team has Thor on it, there should only be about a 50% chance of it being chosen for a battle. Even if every battle I go into the opponent has a Thor as part of their team, overall I should only be seeing Thor about 50% of the time. Yet I’m facing opponents with randomly chosen Thor’s about 80-90% of the time. I’m aware that the odds on each battle are always 50% for each battle. But probability of 4 battles in a row is 6.25% and 5 battles in a row is 3.125%. But it’s high improbability to consistently get 4 and 5 battles in a row all the time. And everyone of them is super boosted. I win some battles against them, but battling still sucks.

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What are you suggesting? The game is rigged to draw thor always? Lol. Lots of people run thor because they plowed their boosts into it to compensate for how mediocre it is. It’s a very common dino in the arena. It makes sense it appears often.