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Matchmaking in pvp


the matchmaking REALLY needs work. in the last 15 rounds, i have won 3…why? because it is outmatching me…and i have friends who have the same issue. i have good dinos…but when i am at 1600 medals and the other guy has 1900, and his dinos are all 5 to 10 levels above me…it’s impossible to make progress … and i can’t buy stuff in game to make my chances better.

and the worst are the bot opponents…they are almost always taking me out in like one to two attacks per fight.

All for a challenge, but at least make it a fair one.


I haven’t fought a bot since a moment, that could be the reason of the PvP meaning!


Easy to tell who the bots are in these games.

Seemingly random attacks… and always take the timer to zero before they attack.

Every pvp game uses either bots or replay data when they can’t find you a live match


@Jason not mad or anything…and i don’t see what what done, but why did ya edit my post?

Semi-related query…i made another post that was hidden for like 5 minutes, pending mod approval…just curious, is that standard procedure for new posts?


I’m at around 3700, I think pvp matching is pretty good. All opponents are in ± 100 range.


My highest level dino is 20, and i’m getting wrecked by lvl 25 indoraptors :weary:


I’d give my left kidney to just get up 2000 lol


I feel your pain. But, I plan to keep grinding DNA in the neighborhood until I can kick some tail