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Matchmaking is atrocious!

Dear Ludia,

Please save your game! Your matchmaking system is ridiculous. After 2 years of playing, it’s only gotten worse, especially after the introduction of stat boosts, which totally obliterated the notion of balanced creatures. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is frustrated with the current state of the game.

Could one of the moderators please respond to this post and gave us on this forum an explanation of the current matchmaking formula so that we can better understand some of these matchups. It would be greatly appreciated.


Not a moderator but

Ludia does not listen to the 
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for me “matchmaking” gives you the points you win or lose. which opponents you face depends on the trophies you have

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That’s the thing, we can all assume or guess how the system works but Ludia can easily resolve this by just giving us a detailed explanation and breaking down the formula to all of us. Then most of us will be able to digest why our teams are being matched against the opponents we are facing.