Matchmaking: look at this lvl 1 + lvl 30 team :o

a battle today…

im average lvl 22 balanced boosted. i just faced a LEVEL 30 utasinoraptor, with boosts. i dont remember exactly, but it 2100+ damage and 5000+ health. speed im sure, it was 153 (this must be tier 6 according to jwa guide).

i thought matchmaker did a joke to me. what more monsters i would face if i miraculously finished that utasino?

well… lets make a lemonade with that lemon.

i lost my tryko. i lost my procerathomimus. i did erlidominus speedup 1x move and survived. when i was about to finish with my erlidominus rampage, the player swapped to a LEVEL 1 miragaia!!!

what??? :scream:

ok, miragaia dead, here comes turbo utasino again. my erlidominus was faster now thanks to speedup still active.

i did hit and swap erlidominus, and brought my dracoceratops rampage.

bye bye utasino. what would come now, a lvl 30 thor? i couldnt swap back to erlidominus, dracoceratops was my last chance.

then player brought a LEVEL 1 scolosaurus!

what??? :scream_cat:

my boosted draco just finished it with rampage.

thanks to 30+ trophies that guaranteed me 4750+ score and 1500 pyro dna.


what do you think about? its a player with 5000+ trophies.

a matchmaker score strategy? :thinking:

player team: