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Matchmaking Manipulation Already


So here is how matchmaking seems to work at least for the lower arena’s.

It takes all your 8 dino levels, adds them and divides by 8 to get an average. That is your matching level. As of now I’ve been matched to about ±12% of my team level that I’ve played. I don’t know how trophy count figures in to this but so far as I average out the teams I’ve faced, this seems to be the case.

So you can put 4 level 15’s and 4 level 5’s and have a match up against to a team of level 10’s. If your lucky enough to get 2 of your 15’s picked, you can slaughter that team.

So match making can be manipulated this way as I can tell. Not much change. I’m already still facing level 14 and 15 alliance rewards but a little less so far. It’s been a little more even battles.

Some teams have dino’s from 6 up to to 15 mixed that averages to my 2nd account level 10 team usually within 10%. Like other in the higher arenas, I’m loosing more trophy’s than I gain. I’m not sure what this is going to do over the next weeks.

I may try some manipulation in dino level spread experimentally and see what comes of it. I don’t see things going well if I can throw a 21 Thor on my team of 10’s bringing my team level to 11.35 and if I get it picked, could slaughter the team I face, even if they have a level 15 Sino. Anyway, if these others have no problem throwing their 15’s at my 10’s, it’s only fair, I throw a 21 at their 15. Right?


Not quite sure that’s correct. I was matched with a team of all L30’s and I had 4 L30’s on my team, then a 28, 28, 23 and 21.

There was an 804 trophy score spread.


Hate to rub this 1 in peoples faces but that is the exact reason I and others said this system would fail. Even putting 1 level 1 on your team will means being matched against lower ave players


Don’t forget that a large percentage of the player base is unable to battle at the moment, so This sort of thing will be less common once Ludia manage to finally fix this particular cluster.

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Don’t think that formula is right either. All my battles since update have been against all level 29 and 30 teams. I don’t have either. Every time opponent started with a level 30. I had no problem starting a battle, found opponent almost instantly.

I know a lot of people do this with draco against them, I have never done it. But I am going to do the same and just put phone down when I get matched up with a level 30 to start. Sorry to any players at that level that face any of my teams but this is ridiculous.