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Matchmaking needs to be focused on


Let’s be honest: for many players the matchmaking is THE reason to keep playing the game.

It is nice to get few new dinosaurs, it is nice to get a tournament, it is nice to get few more supply drops, but the biggest issue of the game is the matchmaking. As an average player the matchmaking process/progress is just frustrating. You get matched against players that are way above your level, but still fight in the same stage as you do. It’s okay to loose a couple of matches, but if you don’t even stand a chance to win, it is pointless to do battles.

Every once in a while you get to battle someone that is way under your level and you win a battle or two, but this doesn’t solve the problem, since it is just unfair as well. There are so many f2p games that handle to pay2win situation so much better, JWA just forces you to either spend a lot of money or to play all day long to make progress. I am at around 3200-3300 points, I almost play on a daily base but still don’t stand a chance, since I have to fight people with teams consisting of almost only legedary dinos.

I see that JWA is a product and the developers intention is basically just to earn profits, but if they don’t consider reworking the matchmaking, average players will stop to play. And these average players finance this game, not the few “pro” players out there, that are willing to pay more than 20 Euros for a incubator.

I am aware that similar threads migh exist, but there can’t be enough emphasize put on this game changer. I am not a native speaker, you might consider this before you start trolling :wink:


I keep saying that Arena’s need to be dinosaur team level specific. Each dinosaur on your team must be within that level bracket for you to participate. That keeps the higher dino’s up where they belong and everyone else gets balanced opponents. Want to advance up the Arenas’s then you need to get out and level your dinosaurs as well as win fights.


If you’re constantly fighting dinos that are higher level than you, you’re probably too high ranked for your team. The bar moves higher every day because everyone is constantly leveling up. It would be impossible to match teams based on levels because i have a 20 and a 28 on my team. It would be stupid to restrict what dino levels can be used per arena because i don’t have a full team of 28s, and the 20 on my team can hang with higher levels most of the time.

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I don’t think this is due to other people leveling, since I level up as well. Sure, they might be people leveling faster, but not fast enough to completely outclass my team within a week or so.

I guess it is rather due to random matchmaking or because high level players drop their ranks on purpose. :wink:


This is needs some optimisation and changes from Ludia. Like at 4100 trophies I faced level 23 Indoraptor and he bus*ed my level 20 dinos with ease. And on top enemy is always lucky with 50% dodge chance than me.

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The playing field changes weekly. If you’re hanging around the same trophy count for weeks, you’re actually moving down the ranks even though it appears that you’re holding your position. I finished season 1 of the tournament at rank 42 with 5100-something trophies. I was actually at rank 35 the day before it ended but got bumped down because others were moving up and I didn’t battle again until it was over. Now I’m at 5460 trophies and rank 40. That’s about 300 trophies higher and the same rank as a week or two ago. That’s an example of how the bar is being set higher and higher every week. People have been hunting dinos for months now and are finally reaching the point where they can create stronger beasts at lower arenas, so it’s gonna get tougher every week. And strategies change, which can shake things up. Things I was doing a couple weeks ago no longer work because my opponents are countering differently than before.

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I’m the level 15. If I want to have terrible matchmaking, I’d play an EA game like Battlefront. Please change this. I’m already annoyed by spending weeks getting into arena 8 to find just because I’m eligible for higher incubators, doesn’t mean I’ll get them.


PVP matching really does need improving. So does the RNG for that matter, but off topic.

As seen in the first pic, I am level 12, in arena 6, and I only have 1 legendary in my collection atm.

And here are all the opponents the game has “fairly” put me against today alone.

I did manage to win against some of these, but that’s not the point, because it works the other way too when the game puts me against a much weaker player, and I feel sorry for them, and don’t blame them for rage quitting on me.

The biggest problem I have is time. I don’t have 3 hours a day to waste losing battle, after battle, and it is frustrating to get those incubators when you don’t have much time. And no, collecting dna by going outside has other problems for me too. Einiosaurus’s…Einiosaurus’s everywhere!


How many trophies you have @Neon?

Probably you climbed to high for your team or yu just faced people that can’t go up with that teams or they just had bad loosing streak.


I cant remember my score atm, halfway through arena 6. Anyway I do sympathise with Ludia, it’s not an easy thing to solve. Players need pvp on demand, and atm the game just randomly pits you against someone in the same arena as you, regardless of player level, or Dino level.


If it was close to those two of your opponents visible on screenshots, then its normal that you were matched with them. It’s based on trophies not dinos lvl.


Yes. That is what I’m saying. Going by trophy count alone is not enough to evenly match players, and the current mechanics encourages people to drop arenas to then bully lower level players, just so they can get their incubators quickly. I don’t want to do that, because it’s not fair on others, but then I’m back to the first problem of losing so much time on impossible battles. So, yes, the whole thing does need improving.

This is not me whining about losing, I enjoy the battles, and I expect to lose as many as I win, but there is nothing fun about a battle where you have 0 chance.

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Yeah, I totaly agree.
In case you have 0 chances to win, you can just put phone down and let opponent wait to win. Don’t like this kind of behaviour either, but you can’t do much when there is no forfeit option.

I’m also running sometimes into opponent with one overleved dino and if I manage to beat it, then I can usually win.


I played a 5600+ last night who is now over 5700 when I was at 5380. I tried my best, but had zero chance.


This player couldn’t do this before we played lol