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Matchmaking not accounting enough with tropy's

Ever so slowly I continue to gain trophy’s with a predominantly level 11-12 average team. This is my current 2nd account team (no boosts).
When I moved up to level 11’s I had just sunk below 1000 trophy’s and this is my trophy count now.

The teams I am pitted against are 1-2 levels on average higher but despite going up in trophy’s, they are not necessarily getting that much higher and stronger. I though I would have plateaued already but seem to keep winning more than loosing. I’ll see if I make it to the next arena 5 over the next week but I am playing over leveled alliance mission rewards, teams in arena’s 2 and 3.

This matchmaking is why average level 22 teams are getting up into the 5K trophy’s. They are not being pitted against level 30’s. They are being pitted against teams averaging only 2-3 levels higher at the most. Trophy’s don’t add that much to your team strength number.

As far as my little 2nd account little teams, I’ll see how far I get as I play against stronger teams, often half my trophy’s. I’m not boosting anything as to not give newer players a bad experience. Winning or loosing on my 2nd account doesn’t matter. I play for the fun of playing against different dinos than my primary account. I’m still competitive though and cheer when I beat a 15-17 sino’s, 13-15 einiasaurus’s and 13-15 concavonators. with my little 11’s.

I do keep switching different dino’s on and off my team. I’ve lots to choose from.


Exactly, and it’s also why those who have high level dinos but lost hundreds of trophies when you could lose 50 at a time are going nowhere and unable to regain their trophies.

Trophies should be a significant percentage of your team strength score at all levels, not starting at 6,500 (where it appears to start although very few players have that many trophies. They in turn cannot get matches at all).

Something is seriously wrong with mm in the upper arenas… but no one at Ludia seems to care.


At this point im pretty sure it absolutely intended. What better way to enforce boosts are a good investment then by feeding people winnable matches for 1k trophies. Also teaches those that didnt invest in boosts the error in their way by feeding them to people who have purchased boosts.

There is some people who just get the short end of the stick in general… but if fair play was really there concern they would have actually fixed this.


I just made it to Badlands (2007 trophy’s) with a level average 11.25 team. The last two teams I was matched against were average 11, 13.375 and 12.125. They are currently 200, 400 and 800 less in trophy’s. I just don’t see much that trophy’s are being counted at all. If I keep winning, can I climb to 5000 trophy’s and still get matched like this?

Honestly I keep expecting I should start loosing more thinking I should be getting put up against much higher teams. I still loose but still winning more.

Honestly I keep expecting I should start loosing more thinking I should be getting put up against much higher teams. I still loose but still winning more.