Matchmaking nowadays

I think that these two pictures can say it all. What the hell did you do with a matchmaking? It’s impossible to play without spending A LOT of real money on boosts.




i got great gifts like this every day:

Ludia don’t communicate anymore (Devs not mods)…

They probably won’t care either…

Can we just condense all of these matchmaking gripes into one thread? I understand the frustration but we seriously don’t need a new thread like this every hour.


The huge problem with matchmaking at the moment is that so many players are way below their trophy count showing from the start of the tournament. Some like me and the op have lost loads ( I’m down three or four hundred depending on what time of the day it is ), and although my opponents invariably show them way higher than my true count, they could be lower too.
But what staggers me is how players with up to 4 level 30 uniques are matched with me. Boosted too, and there’s no way they should be fighting me when I have 2x25s, 4x24s, 2x23s and 2x22s. 2 of these dinos are legendaries and the rest uniques, not massively boosted. Are they just terribly bad players? Or isn’t the fact that they have 2 really crap dinos on their 8 dinos helping them match with people like me? No doubt if they were given one or both these donkeys I would have a chance to beat them, but that never seems to happen.


forum managers could create a complaints category.

so it gets easier for ludia ignore only one entire category.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people have dropped 400-500 points since the start of this tourney since they keep tweaking match making.

This is me right now:

My team:

I used to be around 4500-4750 before boosts got too bad.

Meanwhile this is in aviary around 4600 points:

See the difference in the team level?
They shouldn’t be so far ahead of me, its all thanks to that orange meat ball and boosts.

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