Matchmaking question above 5000

So, I thought that I read somewhere that above 5000 trophies, matchmaking is on trophies only. Can anyone verify that for me? I’ve been holding off on leveling, because I don’t want to fight higher level teams, but if it doesn’t matter…level away

Library and up is trophy based.
Below Library is the team strength nonsense.


If you’re having fun where you are stay there. 5k and up you wont make it far without a minimum 25+ team

Its 34% team strength and 66% trophy based for Aviary. Meaning you have a 34% chance of being screwed over by the matchmaker.


That’s why I’m floating between Aviary and Library…

I seem to have harder battles when I have full teams of uniques than when I don’t. I may be reading too much into it, but there seems to be other considerations involved.

When I derank from library I fight way weaker teams. I guess the aviary people can still be matched with library.

This happens below Library.
There are different levels of play. You’ll have teams of L25+ uniques like me, and teams of all legendaries at the same trophy level, which never see each other. The ones like me can rise up into and stay in Library, the legendary teams can get into Library, but bounce right out.

The funny part is when you get the players with the legendary teams at 4999 trophies telling the people like me that they must not know how to play because we’re at the same trophy level with completely different teams… lol.

I’ve changed my team to all legendary and stayed at the same trophy count, fighting completely different teams than I saw before with the unique team I have.

Different levels of competition, or “leagues” at the same trophy count that never battle each other.

Library, gyro and shores with MM on trophies only as it should be on the whole game.

Yeah, but I’m in library which is what baffles me. Should have made that clear! :grin:

People in library can match people in aviary. When this occurs it sure seems a lot like the aviary rules are in place. How could they not be? Just to put that out there. The only trophy mm seems to be sorta true for 5k. The further you get from 5k the more true trophy count it gets.

Easy way to test? Get to 5.4k and pay attention to your opponents. Then queue with a level 20 team. You’ll be matched against aviary a lot, and you’ll lose 40 trophies when you lose.

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