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Matchmaking question

Is it just me or does this game seem to have a predetermined place that it thinks you should be trophy wise (given your current team)? I know it sounds like a “well ya of course it does, duh” thing but I’ll try and explain in more detail the strangeness.

Feels like I have a 200 trophy range. 100 up and 100 down. I am at about 4600.Since the game states it is 75% trophy count and 25% team in this arena you would think an even mix of higher, lower and evenly balanced teams would exist each battle. However if I were to drop 100 trophies (4500). Then I would basically get balanced and mostly easy battles until I hit about 4700. At that point I get a few balanced but mostly higher level opponents until I drop to about 4500. It’s the same 200 point range 4500-4700 but my opponents don’t feel random. I get mostly easy matches until I hit the top range then mainly hard matches until I hit the bottom range. You would think in the middle at 4600 I would have an even chance of getting easy, hard or balanced. But it’s like they are a bunch of easy matches in a row going up and a bunch of hard matches in a row going back down. After some time doing this, I find myself just playing the matches on the way up and autoing them back down