Matchmaking, really?

This just isn’t fun. I really can’t believe this is the best the developers can do.
Outside of Library and above (meaning in Aviary and below), I’m either facing teams I destroy and feel bad for, or I have a super boosted OP Erlidom and/or IndoG2 run through my team and take little to no damage as they do it.

“Boosts killed the Jay double you Ayyee game” sung to the tune of video killed the radio star…

It shouldn’t take me an hour to get my 4 incubators based on 50/50 W/L ratio.


Why do so many players boost 3 monsters and leave 5 decent creatures unboosted? For quick wins? For destroying the fun? I just don’t get it.


Exactly, I just played 3 matches I had zero chance of winning. I gave up when I identified the futility of it. Erlidom swept my team and took 0 damage. This is in a trophy range I’ve been for months.

same problem. tho it’s mostly thors that run through my team. dropped into aviary after the update, and started facing lv 27s again that are boosted to the moon. i just give up and do something else until the time is up. no point.

If only speed boosts weren’t a thing, I’d love to throw my Diplovenator at those Thors.


Mid to upper Library is infested with savagely boosted Thors.
They’re so common that I’m genuinely surprised when I complete a match and DON’T encounter one.


Simple things like nerfs… really think of the impact this last patch had to someone who max boosted… thor, tryko, erlidom vs someone who spread out boosts among dinos like zor, thyla, maxine…along with the rest of their teams. The guy all in on three had the balance changes had no effect. The other guy on the other hand had his already applied boosts on nerfed dinos devalued.

Boosts are % based bonuses which means when the base stats are decreased the amount of boosted stats you gain from each boost also decreases. The exception is speed. But when your tring to boost your team slowly its more effective to boost dinos not likely to be nerfed.

And im not even talking about Dinos that get nerfed into being unplayable. Simply dinos that get their base stats decreased.

I think what would help this entire situation would be matchmaking souly on trophy count. Yes I know there will be droppers. Oh well I’ll take an easy win on their way down and I’ll take my loss when they come back up. It’s fine I doubt there were that many people taking the time to drop all the way down just to gain incubators. How many people on here would be agreeable to that? It would definitely make for a better time in the arena and people would progress S be able to see their progress.

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The game mechanics are a bit off putting as I’m always getting the same constant creatures each time I battle and I keep loosing because I’m always put with broken dinosaurs with extremely high leveled stats and I don’t stand a chance. So I’m forever stuck in the aviary. Just now this guy shows up and just obliterated me and I didn’t even have a good winning chance. Please ludia, fix the battling!