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Matchmaking - Sorna Marshes

4 battles today and didn’t get to try my new Corbotoceratops… sigh … Maybe tomorrow.

Matchmaking seems pretty OK but maybe that is because I won all 4 battles today. Only one team seemed a little high but they had 3 commons and 2 rares. Carbonemys is great against Procera. I took out two Procera’s with that thing. Just whittled the things down a slow agonizing death. Those Allosinosaurus’s teeth go right through my Carbo’s shell like butter though.

My fun team: Level 16.375

Opponent Team Level 21.25 & Team Level 16.375
Opponent1 Opponent2
Opponent Team Level 17.5 & Team Level 17
Opponent3 Opponent4

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I dig these experiments you do. It’s fun to read about. It makes me wish i had a 2nd account to mess around on like that.