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Matchmaking still busted

Just look this!
(upload://hLZBNX0kjudcY03hHdom6B7vFbz.jpeg) image
I got completely obliterated even when my indo dodge twice it was in able to kill it. Honestly I like the more balanced boosts but like some creatures need to be nerfed or just reworked to match the new meta. And before this fought level 27-29 yet luckily I was able to beat them.

Forgot to show stats

My Thor is the same speed which is tier 11 with damage to tier 14. So they are probably tier 16 or 17 maybe 18 or 19. Health wise they are probably close to tier 20. Yet I kept on saying some people will invest all the boosts back into Thor again.

Anyone would if they had Thor. Because Thor is legit powerful. For those without proper counters Thor can 3-0 a team on its own. Normally when I see someone pulls a boosted Thor out I just give up.

That’s the thing I did I had my own Thor level 24And I do level 24 yet I got wiped off the face of the arena

Players who would artificially resin are going to fall and vice versa oh, it’s going to be a chaotic week to 14 days in the arena but when things settle down you’re going to find much more balanced fun and fair matches

True I just wish like they address that it is not perfect and they’ll try to work on it and now we see they can do small updates so they should see if they can do another one and maybe change a few creature which can be way too op

I haven’t read about the boost reset (no notice showed up in the game) so today I’ve faced the arena with the ordinary grim determination to minimize impact on my trophies.
It has been a total failure.

I’ve lost 11 battles in sequence, something never happened before, even in the worst arena crisis, not realizing that my dinos have been totally reset and so they were no more as I have hardly shaped them for months.

Worst, all 11 battles were against teams composed by lvl 23-25 dinos, while mine are basically 17-20.

In addition, I’ve faced practically only Thors, Tragodistis, Diloracheiros and Indoraptor.
I’m in the Lockwood arena.

In addition, they have dodged, stunned and obtained critical hits with almost 100% efficacy (a Tragodistis obtained 5 crits in sequence among counterattacks and ordinary attacks, wiping out my team).

Of course I never dodged anything and stunned 2 times on 11-12 attempts.

I’m tired.
It seems that this game is simply not able to be fair or balanced in any way.
I’ve accepted it in the past many times, I had my moments of glory, including a surprising cavalcade through 3 battle arenas against stronger opponents, but now I have not the energies to stand another who-knows-how-long period of totally unbalanced play and probable utter defeat.

I saw they have re-introduced the possibility to play against IA if no opponent is available, and what? I have to face an IA team of lvl 24 best dinos around (Erlikodominus + Utarinex + Magna)?
Are you serious?

About boosts.
I have many boost points back, of course, but now it costs 100 pts to obtain a minimum increase in a stat.
How I am supposed to win something now?

I’m sorry to say, but I think I will not play the arena any more.
Just too tired of all this.
I care not about trophies, I just played the arena daily to gain a handful of boost points I have no other way to obtain. But the effort is not worth the price.
Also I hope arena battles will not be included anymore among daily missions.
Hope really.


the problem was that due to boosts being way too powerful, many players with lower leveled teams were becoming higher rated then they should have been otherwise, these players WILL lose till they get back to where they would have been otherwise based on their dinosaurs level, but once there they will find more balanced fights as others around them will be in the same boat.

Simply needs to level up team over time and improve, thats the way the game was made, its a progression type game, where your slowly improve your team over time.

Just remember that the whole point of the game is for fun, not a number (rating). Don’t make the mistake of following the carrot on a stick, enjoy matches.

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Seems like I’m winning more when matched vs boosted teams than when matched vs unboosted lvl 25+ teams. Strange. But at least I’m still in low Aviary like before.

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Don’t know if this is true for mid and low arenas.
Personally I’ve always faced tons of opponents with boosted dinos and still managed to obtain more victories than defeats, using only a moderate amount of boost as I don’t purchase them and rely only on those obtained by daily battle incubator and occasional boost event on map.

Also, unfortunately (and I say it with sincerity) I’m not the kind of person that easily accepts defeat unless caused by my mistakes, so I cannot stand the idea of making other players feast on my carcass waiting for a possible descent in an arena more adequate to my level (assumed that I’m already not in it).

I don’t care about titles, really, I just like fair battles.

Over time the arena should get fairer because now that boosts are a build type system, players will need to sacrifice another stat if they invest heavily in one. Overall it should help lessen the impact of old monsters like Thors with 7k hp, 3k damage and 150 speed. Now Thor AT BEST can be 149 speed if they go all out, but then its health and damage will be lower.