Matchmaking still punishing level ups

Maybe its by design that when you level your team even slightly you get ridiculous opponents but when you buy boosts its fine.

So today I fused an 80 on Tenontorex so I could level it from 23-24…BIG MISTAKE! Now every single Thor I face now is 135 speed and im seeing Trago’s and others with 140+ speed and level 26-27 rats, despite having level 22’s and even a couple of 21.

Why is this still a problem Ludia? just go back to the 1.6 trophy system, ill deal with the occasional trophy dropper if I have to, at least when they tanked their rating on purpose they are giving the other player a free win lol.

But I suppose if they make arena unbearable to try and goad players into spending some dollars on some in game items (Hint - Im not gunna).

Guess ill have to go back to my B Team again, shame really.

Oh and whoever came up with the idea for Rat “Golf Clap”, its awesome having Erlidom, Spyx, Dilo and Quetzorion one shotted with a swap in as soon as you try and play them.

Well at least these “uniques” play an awesome role in the Meta, I mean the rats need to eat something.

As uniques are the hardest things in the game to make, I propose a new ability be added to them to show just how good they are in the current state of the game -

Priority - Die instantly and save the opponents time so they don’t need to bother ratting you.
No cool down, No delay.


:rofl: :rofl:


I wonder if the person who saw fit to allow for the rat to swap in and one hit so many of the uniques is pleased with themselves ?

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You’re still not getting it… When somebody is dropping, he is eventually making legit players drop as well (those who refuse to drop so they can get easy wins) . So, for every 1000 droppers (who gave free wins), there’s now 1000 more legit players who are now ranked lower than they should be (but never gave free wins!). Those legit players, now pounce other legit players who were at a lower level then them. And so on, and so on.

Once a dropper reach a wanted level, he now kill everybody at this level, and lower them down… Trust me, matchmaking is still horrible as it is, but last thing we want, is going back to the old horrible system

I also preferred, and by far, the old Matchmaking system. The Droppers was a minimal problem for me. I met them when they went down and I had a free win and I found them again when they went up and I had guaranteed defeat. In the end, both things were compensated. Since version 1.7 everything that has been tried has been problematic.


OK, let say you’re at 4000, and a whole bunch of 5000 decide to drop to your level. You never got free wins from those guys because they were matched against upper players. Now that they are all at 4000, you start loosing like crazy because those guys have much better dinos than you. You (and a whole bunch of legit 4000 players) then drop to 3500. So what do you do? You pounce legit 3500 players with your legit 4000 lvl dinos. Guess what, those 3500 players then drop down as well, and the cycle continue all the way down. Everybody complaint about bad matchmaking because they are pounced by droppers and legit players who have been dropped and have much better dinos. Then, 2 days before the end of a tournament, everybody goes back up. So the cycle is ready to start again.

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Simply, that never happened to me in any tournament and I am in the game since last June. Sometimes I would find people going down and sometimes going up. It was annoying, a mosquito on a summer night. Since version 1.8 the mosquito has the size of a rabbit and the poison of 100 wasps :slight_smile:


Well, that’s just not true. By far not “everyone” complaint about it. It was a few (very vocal) whiners and then people jumped onto the topic, because “Yeah, that’s SO UNFAIR”.

Arena dropping was never such an issue as the actual matchmaking is. Biggest problem was the event “alliance rush” and the tournaments, which made people drop, because they could’nt stand the grind/endless losses at their fair trophy count.

Well, with the new “top count” we do not have the grind problem anymore, alliance rush is not a thing atm and other than that, there are very few people dropping on purpose for cheap wins or specific DNA (which is matematically absolutely useless anyway).

There are actually droppers in my alliance, who are dropping on purpose, because of the ACTUAL matchmaking/arena state. They swap in B or C team, drop a thousand trophies and like the battles/diversity (with B or C team) down there more. Guess what - They are winning down there against other people (pushing them down). So, exactely same as with old system.


I have been playing this game since about a month into launch and arena dropped where nowhere NEAR as bad as the current matchmaking.

And this is coming from someone whomes favorite game feature was arena, now it’s toxic like Chernobyl if I use my main team.

Agree 100%. Arena dropping was nowhere near the problem as matchmaking is

Plus, does anyone Arena drop anymore now that it has been proven you actually get much fewer resources at lower arenas? I mean 184 coins instead of 360 for a win and a 3-hr incubator with barely half the DNA? All for the hope of 13 Irritator DNA every once in a while?

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Arena droppers forced Ludia to cancel an event they spent time and money developing. Everyone sitting here talking about how they werent that big of a problem fails to understand… Ludia didnt lift a finger to combat arena droppers until after the first failed alliance rush and the cancellation of the second planned rush. So for Ludia they were very much a problem.

Alliance rush failed on its own before arena dropping became widely known. And if it was so important, why hasn’t another Alliance rush started?

What’s an alliance rush?

Im wondering myself because I was away from the game for a patch or 2. 1.4 to 1.6 I think.

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What do you mean before it became widely known litterally a whole alliance dropped and then posted a huge thread about how they won because of dropping. And this forum was filled with threads about how arena droppers were going to ruin it before it came out.

They are most likely making sure its safe before running another one… alliance rush happens during 1.6… 1.7 introduces new match making that punishes droppers.

It doesnt take a stretch of the imagination to realize arena dropping only became a problem to Ludia when they paid people to make an event and then had to cancel it.

Dont get me wrong this match making is also terrible but i lost 13 members between 2-3k trophies that weekend… largest drop ever.

Not only did Ludia end up with egg on their face but the people that won the thing then posted about how the reason they did it was because Ludia failed to address arena dropping.

Alliance rush was a weekend event they ran during 1.6 alliances earned points 1 per loss 2 per win and the top alliance got some prize that was worthless at the time.

There were two announced events but the winning alliance from the first event posted a nice long thread how they won the event because they dropped down in trophies and farmed low levels with a very high win rate thus winning the event to bring attention to Ludia that arena dropping was ruining the game for lower players.

After that Ludia canceled the second planned event.

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Ahh I see, perhaps my opinion of arena dropping may be different if I didnt miss that, as I had quit and only came back to the game 2 weeks before 1.7 launched (lucky me ay? lol).

I can only go by what ive personally experienced in the time ive been playing, which is why I think that the current matchmaking is worse than dropping ever was…but thats just how I personally see it, it will be different for each player.

Like i said arena dropping was never an issue Ludia cared to do anything about until the patch after they were forced to cancel an event sure it was a pretty badly conceived event but ultimately i think it was what pushed Ludia to take action on the droppers.

Im mean look at the current match making and how bad it is and then think is this something they designed to make more competitive matches. Or is this some knee jerk system thrown in towards the end of a patch cycle that seems to simply care about one goal and thats to punish droppers.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if making matchmaking so bad was to make players feel to need to spend money to improve their team. Remember this is the company that chucked balanced out the window (which took time to balance each Dino) in favour of cash!

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Honestly in my first account it became a little irritating to battle a lvl 17 indominius in badlands with my lvl 14 epics but I didn’t suffer to much.