Matchmaking still terrible

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Today was the final straw, I’m so done with this game. Waited for way over a year for this game to improve…but it never has. If anything I think it steadily got worse. Here’s my last two opponents…safe to say these dinos wiped my team out and won 3-0. Seems Ludia are completely unable to make a fair well rounded game. I used to play everyday…this week I logged in 3times. And every time reminded me of how much I despise this awfully put together mess of a game. Thank god for Mario kart mobile…I decent game, that keeps you interested and is actually pretty fair. Such a shame as everything Jurassic park has always gripped me. Ah well. Hopefully a good mobile Dino game will emerge someday soon :slight_smile:


You know mm is more about trophies than team. You can’t have fair mm with trophies because anyone of multiple strengths can be at that level. Plus with the boosts coming from incubators now you will see droppers come down an arena or 2 to get easy boosts.

Not true. 5k+ it’s pure trophies.

Below 5k it’s 66% team strength 33% trophies. Ludia cleared this up a few months ago.

You have your percentages backwords…
Its 67% trophies and 33% team strength.

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